Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pulp Fiction has given me some inspiration.

Last night I went to my friends house just round the corner for a night in with some Pizza and the TV. We were flicking through the channels after stuffing our faces with Pizza and we see Pulp Fiction is on the box. We collectively thought it was a perfect choice and stuck it on.

I have seen this film numerous times but again watching it last night I was still watching the film just thinking how brilliant it is.
I took on board how simple the story line is, but through mixing it up and not putting the film in order it makes the story line far more interesting.

After watching the film I take the 5 minute walk back home whilst gathering my thoughts. I realise the film has given me some inspiration to maybe do some writing myself. I want to try and do some similar stories, which are simple to understand.
However it is not cut together in a straight forward start to finished manner.
Not only has Pulp Fiction or indeed Tarantino in general inspired me to do try and do some writing. Someone I follow on Twitter who may well be reading this right now has sparked on my writing interest. This person has recently been writing a lot and "tweeting" about it. From the sounds of it is very rewarding process.

I think sometime soon when I have some free time, I will close down Facebook, Twitter and all other social networking sites I am now a member of. Open up Pages (Microsoft Word to all you silly Windows users) and start typing away to see if anything good will come of it.

I'll let you know the results as it happens.

M x

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