Sunday, 17 January 2010

Drag Me To Hell? Appalling!

Last night my housemates had a couple friends over for a meal, a few films and a sleepover. It was all girls so I was tempted to walk round to my other mates house for a few manly games of Fifa. However the last few days I've developed a ridiculous cold (not man flu).
I think its only getting worse. So staying in doors is a good option at the moment. I decided to stay and watch these films they had hired and pass on my illness to them.

Now the second film we watched was (2009) "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. This was your typical Romantic Comedy with a predictable ending, however with the added bonus of seeing Sandra Bullock completely naked (unfortunately she did cover herself up). So I was fine with that.
However the film we watched before (2009) "Drag Me To Hell" was probably the worst film I have seen for a long time. (perhaps being worse than (2008) "The Happening" which used to be top of my worst films i've ever seen list)

The film is about some stupid curse that is passed onto the main female character (Alison Lohman). The curse is given to her through her coat button which is ripped off and then handed back to her.
The whole film was badly put together, and I'm sorry by Alison's performance was embarrassingly unbelievable. Some parts I saw myself staring at the screen just thinking how on earth did she get this part.
All the scenes that were meant to be scary were far from being scary. Mainly because the suspense was not long enough, and once the monster appeared on screen it was just not scary anymore (not that was in the first place). You were shown all the gore so you simply just laughed at how fake it looked. Not being scared like your suppose to be towards the horrible look on the monsters. So altogether a real poor excuse for a horror/thriller.

To this day I have yet to find a film that I could say was generally quite scary. Although I was quite impressed with (2005) "The Decent" but only with the beginning parts of the film when they are all claustrophobic in the tight conditions of the pot holes. That to me should be how the whole film should of been, the characters being scared what could happen to them. Not being taken over by some stupid monsters.
I always believe the characters being scared and not seeing the monsters is always the best way to put across the fright to the audience. As you put the horrible picture of the monster into your head, and you can sometimes relate to the situations of when you have been at home on your own perhaps. Thats the best method in my opinion.

Anyway, enough of me trying to sound like I know what I am talking about.
If you have seen any of these films, let me know what your thoughts on them are.

M x

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