Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A quick update

It has been a while since my last entry, so I thought I would use this time to update on what I have been up to since then.

I think about what I have been up to and at first I thought I haven't done too much, when In fact I have been quite busy!
I had my first week of lectures for my 2nd Semester of my 2nd year last week, that went reassembly well. One module I am taking is Web Design. I have to simply make a website of my choice, which is excellent giving us a free choice. I shall be designing a website for my cousins band Kizmit. Already I have some ideas floating around my head, hopefully it will turn out to be a good one.
Other than that website ideas I decided to do a complete revamp on my universities radio station site smucradio.com I am quite happy with the results, the process took me forever. I was sat at my laptop for about 6 hours straight. I know this isn't exactly good for me. However when I want to get things done I do them from start to finish in on sitting (if its doable)

Yesterday I receive an e-mail from SRO Audiences telling me I have tickets for "8 Out Of 10 Cats" to be in the audience, I was quite shocked as I requested some a while back, just as a hunch of many getting some as I thought the show would be so popular.
So it should be a good time, when me and my friends go on Thursday. I saw Jimmy Carr when I was in the audience for "Chris Moyles Quiz Show" and Jimmy was hilarious on that as a guest, so this will hopefully be 10 times funnier. As its his own show. It's just a shame they don't show the audience, as it's always fun to try and spot yourself when the show is aired on TV.

I don't think there is anything else worth upating....!

Oh wait, the other day I had a quick progress meeting on the music video I am directing for The Startover. This was very successful and were looking to shoot the remaining stuff to the video in middle of February, so hopefully the finished product will be done by the end of February. I am very excited to get this finished as its been my baby since last summer!

Thats enough waffling for now.
Ta ta for now,

M x

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pulp Fiction has given me some inspiration.

Last night I went to my friends house just round the corner for a night in with some Pizza and the TV. We were flicking through the channels after stuffing our faces with Pizza and we see Pulp Fiction is on the box. We collectively thought it was a perfect choice and stuck it on.

I have seen this film numerous times but again watching it last night I was still watching the film just thinking how brilliant it is.
I took on board how simple the story line is, but through mixing it up and not putting the film in order it makes the story line far more interesting.

After watching the film I take the 5 minute walk back home whilst gathering my thoughts. I realise the film has given me some inspiration to maybe do some writing myself. I want to try and do some similar stories, which are simple to understand.
However it is not cut together in a straight forward start to finished manner.
Not only has Pulp Fiction or indeed Tarantino in general inspired me to do try and do some writing. Someone I follow on Twitter who may well be reading this right now has sparked on my writing interest. This person has recently been writing a lot and "tweeting" about it. From the sounds of it is very rewarding process.

I think sometime soon when I have some free time, I will close down Facebook, Twitter and all other social networking sites I am now a member of. Open up Pages (Microsoft Word to all you silly Windows users) and start typing away to see if anything good will come of it.

I'll let you know the results as it happens.

M x

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Small Video

Decided to test out my HD Video on my Canon 500d. However still not got the encoding settings right for Youtube yet.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Drag Me To Hell? Appalling!

Last night my housemates had a couple friends over for a meal, a few films and a sleepover. It was all girls so I was tempted to walk round to my other mates house for a few manly games of Fifa. However the last few days I've developed a ridiculous cold (not man flu).
I think its only getting worse. So staying in doors is a good option at the moment. I decided to stay and watch these films they had hired and pass on my illness to them.

Now the second film we watched was (2009) "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. This was your typical Romantic Comedy with a predictable ending, however with the added bonus of seeing Sandra Bullock completely naked (unfortunately she did cover herself up). So I was fine with that.
However the film we watched before (2009) "Drag Me To Hell" was probably the worst film I have seen for a long time. (perhaps being worse than (2008) "The Happening" which used to be top of my worst films i've ever seen list)

The film is about some stupid curse that is passed onto the main female character (Alison Lohman). The curse is given to her through her coat button which is ripped off and then handed back to her.
The whole film was badly put together, and I'm sorry by Alison's performance was embarrassingly unbelievable. Some parts I saw myself staring at the screen just thinking how on earth did she get this part.
All the scenes that were meant to be scary were far from being scary. Mainly because the suspense was not long enough, and once the monster appeared on screen it was just not scary anymore (not that was in the first place). You were shown all the gore so you simply just laughed at how fake it looked. Not being scared like your suppose to be towards the horrible look on the monsters. So altogether a real poor excuse for a horror/thriller.

To this day I have yet to find a film that I could say was generally quite scary. Although I was quite impressed with (2005) "The Decent" but only with the beginning parts of the film when they are all claustrophobic in the tight conditions of the pot holes. That to me should be how the whole film should of been, the characters being scared what could happen to them. Not being taken over by some stupid monsters.
I always believe the characters being scared and not seeing the monsters is always the best way to put across the fright to the audience. As you put the horrible picture of the monster into your head, and you can sometimes relate to the situations of when you have been at home on your own perhaps. Thats the best method in my opinion.

Anyway, enough of me trying to sound like I know what I am talking about.
If you have seen any of these films, let me know what your thoughts on them are.

M x

Friday, 15 January 2010

Vampire Weekend @ New Slang, Kingston

Last night I was one of the lucky people to have a ticket to see Vampire Weekend play the Hippodrome in Kingston at the night of New Slang with support from Good Shoes. And boy was it a good night!

The last two weeks I have been getting myself more and more excited about the night, and these last few days I have been playing both of their albums constantly on repeat. Then the night arrived at the excitement risen to a new level. Although I did think at one point "What if they only come on and do a 30 minute set" but I didn't want to think about that too much.

We get to the venue reassembly early so we can get a few drinks in before hand, and have a look round see who's about (of course) then we go and look for a nice spot where we can stand and enjoy the bands. Which was a bloody good spot.

On come Good Shoes and they had themselves a cracking set. I haven't listened to this band much, however I do see the appeal, they have some good songs which got the crowd enjoying themselves. The lead singer kept crowd surfing which was amusing as the New Slang staff kept frantically trying to drag him back out the crowd. The lead guitarist impressed me a lot, I thought his guitar playing effortless to watch. Even when the odd technical riffs being played.

They finished their set, and you could instantly tell the crowd were starting to get real excited of the fact of having Vampire Weekend to appear on the stage next. Unfortunately there was around a 30 minute delay before they come on. But I didn't mind, most headline bands do this, its now the norm in my books. I guess it brings the hype up.
Eventually they hit the stage with a storm, and the crowd erupted. They had a very impressive set. I was literally blown away at how good they were playing. I really did feel that I was simply listening to the CD. They were note perfect and their timing was unbelievably good. They really are a band that has rehearsed a lot for their audience.
At the beginning of each song they played the crowd would jump all together in unison and break into a huge dance off.
My position was a good spot as I was looking directly over the crowd to the band, so I could see which songs lightened up the crowd. Of course when they played their new song "Cousins" the crowd went crazy and danced none stop until the end.
Then they had a little break and a speak to the crowd about some hat that was thrown onto the stage, at which point they broke into "A Punk" and the whole venue went electric. I've never seen such a small venue have a crowd go that nuts over the first bar of a song.
Thats what makes Vampire Weekend so great, all their songs are instantly recognizable. And this was definitely apparent last night.

To sum out, I was literally speechless when they finished their set, and I generally wanted them to play more. However after they left the stage, the DJs hit the decks and I danced constantly until me and my friends left around 2am. A very good night indeed.

M x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My mad weekend in Amsterdam!

Back in December sometime one of my university friends tells me she is organising a trip to Amsterdam for her 21st birthday. Straight away, I was on board and couldn't wait to hit the city!

And boy did it not end on disappointment!
The Friday evening before we departed on the Saturday morning at stupid o clock was a bit bad though. Due to all the snow we weren't totally sure whether we were going to make it over there or not. We took the gamble and made the journey to Gatwick anyway, and to our delight the flight wasn't canceled. We were delayed on the plane for 3 hours. But we didn't mind, at least we were going there.

After we eventually touched down in Amsterdam we went straight to our hostel (which was surprisingly not so bad) dumped our bags in the room then started the "Site Seeing". The first corner we turn we entered straight into the "Red Light District"
The experience of that area is quite odd in my opinion, the girls standing in the windows just waiting for someone is quite an strange concept. You walk passed and nothing is hidden from view, they are clothed, but doesn't leave much to your imagination. But we had to see that area to believe it all.
Next we stumbled across the first of many sex shops we were to encounter in the area. That again was a big opener, the shop was not holding back with its products. The things you can buy over there, are mental to say the least. I think Ann Summers have to rethink their merchandise!
Of course we didn't go all that way to look at girls and sex shops, we were for a weekend of partying!
After the sex shop we hunted around for a Coffee Shop for some substances and a "Space Cake" or two. We eventually found one which sold the "Space Cakes". This is where the weekend actually kicked off. Whilst I was sat in the coffee shop I didn't really feel much effect, I thought it maybe quite a weak mixture or something.
Later we left the Coffee Shop to go back to our room for a quick nap before we head out for the night as we were all very tired from the stupid o clock flight over. Again upon leaving the coffee shop I felt no effect from what I had taken in the Coffee Shop.
We arrived back at the Hostel got into our room and everyone got into bed after we had all eaten some crisps. Munchies!?
However I didn't want to go to sleep which was the same for one of my friends who asked if I wanted to go back downstairs into the bar. I agreed and we went back at bought a pint.
This is where it all began.

I was sitting there feeling quite good, really chilled out, we both went and sat down in view of one of the Tv screens in the bar, where a football match was being played. We both sat and watched the game, this is when I started to feel really strange. I could see myself watching the TV but not taking any of it in. I felt myself getting sucked into the TV. I snapped out of it turned looked at my friend. She was the same being mesmerized by the TV. I then told her "erm... I can feel it now.."
She said she felt the same, at which this point we just both burst into laughter, over nothing. We couldn't stop ourselves laughing which felt like at least 20 mins. After that stopped I started feeling paranoid, thinking everyone was watching me, and knowing what I was up to. (of course that wasn't true, as it was the norm for Amsterdam)
We sat for about hour or so trying to talk to each other with no words leaving our mouths, practically just noises. Then my mouth went really dry and I went to take a sip of my pint which was not a good answer. At which point I turned and said I actually did want to go to bed now. Me and my friend both went back to the room which everyone else having a nap. This is when the effect kicked in even more, I kept waking up mid sleep and thinking everything in the room was literally going in reverse. Was mental, and to be honest I was starting not like it and just wanted it to finish.
We all woke up after an hour or so, at this point I felt completely fine and refreshed.
The experience was interesting, as I have always been curious to see what its like, however during the time I didn't like it much. I can look back on it now and laugh, and happy I gave it a go. As I thought "When in Rome" when everyone else was doing it. However I'd be happy to not doing it another time. I think once was enough.
We head out for the night, which was a great experience, the whole ear was electric with people everywhere being very drunk. We again walked down the Red Light District, this time as it was night, there were men everyone checking them out, and I saw quite a few guys in through the doors. How desperate do you want to be?
This night I didn't drink too much, as I started to feel the after effects from the Space Cakes!

The following day we decided to actually do some real site seeing around the town. One place we went to was the Sex Museum, this was an hilarious experience, learning about sex through the ages. There was a lot of laughter from us all. We saw a photograph which generally looked like Susan Boyle. After a day of seeing the sites we got some drink and headed back to the Hostel to do an evening a real student way, or pre drinks in before going out. Consisting of a lot of drinking games. I would love to spend those 2 hours all over again, it was so much fun. We were all in fits of laughter for the whole time. Whilst we were playing the drinking games a guy entered the room. As it was 15 people to a room and there was only 10 of us. We started to chat to him, and it was actually from Southampton. Which goes to show how much of a small world it can be. We finished off the drinking games, and asked him and his friend whether they wanted to come out for the night with us. Eventually they agreed as they were both tired from their traveling they have been doing. We hit our first club, which gaves us all a free shot as it was our friends birthday trip. Then from that point I think I just danced throughout the whole time in that club until it closed at some time that I can't remember. We left the club and went into the club which was right next door, and again carried on the partying. I went and sat down for a bit, as I was feeling a little worse for wear. Where I found myself watching the TVs as they were playing full episodes of Tom & Jerry, which was great as it kept me occupied for a few hours or so.
This club eventually closed and we got back to the hostel around 5am, and hit the pillow and slept right through till the morning, at 10am when we had to be kicked out our room. This was not good as I had only 5 hours to try and sleep off my hangover. Which was not good, as I feel so rough in the morning from being woken up from the lights being turned on from the Hostel owner shouting at us to leave.
We packed our bags and put them downstairs then spent the rest of the day with more site seeing as our flight wasn't till 9pm. The whole of this time I was not in place, meaning I was sick about 7 times. Once in the toilet for our room, the toilet in the bar downstairs. And a toilet in a local museum we went to all about Ann Frank. Then to top that off when we arrived at the Amsterdam airport to fly back to Gatwick, I managed to be sick right on the Airport floor right outside a cafe. Little embarrassing to say the least. But again I can look back and laugh.

On the plane back we asked if we could get a birthday message from the caption for our friend who actually turned 21 on that day, to our delight he agreed and gave her a birthday message. Which of course got us all happy and cheered a lot. No doubt annoying the other passengers.
The fly back was quite and painless as there was only a 30min delay. Getting back I finally came round and felt alive, and stopped being sick. Everyone else was going to go to a local club near us back home, however I couldn't face doing that, so I went back home and had a great night sleep.

The whole weekend was an amazing experience, and a big eye opening. I think I would like to live there for about a year. To get a full experience, as some parts are quite nice places to live I think. It would be nice to live right next to the Thames they have their. And have my own boat. I guess its something to think about in the future.
I would certainly advised anyone else who is thinking about going to Amsterdam to take the opportunity and go there. You will not be let down.

M x

Friday, 1 January 2010

New Years Eve - A result in my eyes!


Last night my new years celebrations went swimmingly well I think! I had a good night of basically dancing away constantly with my housemates, and my mates from back home. But as I sort of expected my mates from back home weren't too impressed with the evening. The music being played wasn't totally their cup of tea. But I didn't mind I was still enjoyed myself, didn't want their mood kill my night!
This mood they had meant they left early, but me and my housemate soldered on right to the end of the night when the lights came on! Good times!

However when I come home I find my friends from back home have made a complete mess of my kitchen and my bedroom. To be honest I wasn't too pleased with that outcome. It showed their complete lack of respect to not only me but my housemates who they have only just met. Ridiculous! I'm sure they wouldn't of liked it if the same thing happened to them.

Anyway rant over, lets see how 2010 unfolds, so far its been a day of clearing the hangover. Spending the whole day in bed. Tomorrow I think I do some stuff to the house that needs to be done. Think this year I shall be more active with doing things. I don't like not doing stuff! Oh and to find a nice girlfriend :)

What's your new years resolution?

M x