Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Music video progress.

Last night I had another meeting to discuss ideas for the music video I will be making over the summer.
It all went rather well, we have finally decided on a band to make the music video for (The Startover). This is due to a number of reasons; 1) Sally (who is making the video with me) is really good friends with the band, 2) they are quite popular band and have a good fan base following, and are making it higher in the music world, 3) so therefore it will be beneficial for us in giving ourselves good exposure as well as the band. Because were not making this video for a laugh, I plan to make more in the future.

Our next meeting will involve sitting down and having a chat with band and exchanging ideas, this will be very interesting as from what I hear from Sally the band are extremely enthusiastic about this video idea, which is exactly what I want from the band.

After the meeting last night I went to a pub round the corner (well at least 10 min walk...) to watch one of Sally's friends band. They were quite impressive and you can listen to them via Myspace. It was nice to be at a gig once again, because I can't remember the last time I went to a gig. Its been far to long!

That is all for now,

M x

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New work experience

So three days in on my latest work experience and its been fantastic! I've been working for www.coi.gov.uk but before you ask I am working in the Moving Image and Audio Content because the site doesn't really sell it self as a production company. But anyway!

The first three days has been amazing! Day 1 I got introduced to bloody everyone! Which is good as everyone knows I'm there and they keep asking me to do little things.
Yesterday was good I was asked from a producer to help her out on a latest advert to be made in the next few months. Which ended up with me sitting in on a creative meeting which was a great insight I was sat at a table with two creatives, the producer and the director for this advert in a nice swanky production company in Soho, I loved every minute of it, hearing all there creative ideas come together.

Then today was amazing also! I got to sit in on two sound edits for adverts. One was a cinema ad, so dolby sound was being used (surround sound) and a normal TV ad (standard stereo). Again this was all at a stylish post production company off Oxford Street. The equipment in there was fantastic!

Tomorrow I'm on a shoot for some interviews. My task is to look after the people who arrive for the shoot and other things, so that would be a nice challenge for me making small talk.

Anyway enough from me bragging about this great time I'm having,

M x

Saturday, 18 July 2009

One down, more to go!

Yesterday was my final day of work experience for the company Darlow Smithson it was quite mad when I realised how quickly the two weeks went. Only I kept thinking how I could of used the two weeks more valuable and make myself known in the company. They were very grateful for me being there though, telling me if I ever need help in the future or something they're there. Which is good news I guess, plus I got a £20 Waterstones voucher. I'm yet to decide what book to buy with that. Any suggestions?

Buts thats not it for my work experience, I start my next one straight away. I start on Monday (20th July) for 2 weeks with the Central Offices of Information, they work on them adverts like the ones about drink driving, speeding, smoking all the government based adverts. Hopefully with this one I can use the 2 weeks more wisely and get my name known around the office or something!

Friday, 17 July 2009


So last night I finally came round to uploading my new website (www.matthew-hoare.com), it is still under construction has I need some nice cheesy photos of myself on the site.
But for the mean time could you be so kind to tell me what you think of the site, or any improvements I could make.

Do this through comments on this entry
Or, via e-mail matthew@matthew-hoare.com

Thank you,

M x

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Today I finally got connected to my new house in Twickenham. Its quite surprising though how well i've coped without it, I was under impression I was going to go cold turkey or something. However I've been fine.

So now I will be updating my blog as regularly as possible start from NOW!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Small Update

Again, its been a while since my last entry. This is mainly because I have now officially moved into my new house over in Twickenham. Exciting stuff, however I haven't got internet just yet. Which I thought would be a nightmare, but I've surprising coped quite well. Therefore this blog entry is coming from 1st work placement in the summer break. I am on my last week of placement with Darlow Smithson Productions. Its been quite a good time, I'm a researcher for a Channel 4 documentary, so this of course will look excellent on m CV!

Bit of unfortunate news regarding my house though, one of my housemates has decided to change her chourse at uni. However this course is unavailable at our uni, so of course she is moving out. So me and my other two housemates are on the look out for someone to move in. Slightly annoying, but I guess we will just have to get on with it.
Some progress though, one housemate posted a "advert" regarding the situtation on a group on Facebook, and within a day a girl had replied to the post. She is having a viewing at the house on Thursday. So thats some good progress, but we just don't want to rush and find anyone to fill the gap.

Thats enough from me, hopefully I will become more regular with these entries once I get my internet up and running on the thursday!