Sunday, 28 June 2009

Long time no blogging!


Well it has been sometime since I last put in a blog entry, so bare with me this may be quite a long one. On the other hand it could be quite interesting as I have a fair bit to write.

Firstly I have been down back in my home town for about a week now and already I'm bored out my skull as I'm still jobless so have no income, but yet still spending money, not good I suppose. I just miss all my friends back at uni. But we get the keys to our house on the 1st July! So will see them again soon! 2 days in fact. So its something for me to look forward to. Quite excited to move into the house as well.

Yesterday I had a good day however. I had a trip into London to a have a chat with a production on a feature film. They were more than willing for me to help them out with the production, so that is fantastic news, and I can't wait for the 10 day shoot to get underway on the 2nd August. I was quite surprised at one point during the chat though. They were generally chatting amongst themselves (the director, producer and think editor) they mentioned a "Making of" then all three of them turned to me and went "Hang on a minute, why don't you make it" So of course I jumped at the chance and said YES!
They are going to give me a simple Mini DV Camera for me capture behind scenes footage! Can't wait to be doing that, little bit of fun filming for me. Then to top it all they asked me what university I attend, and it turns out that both the Producer and the Editor graduated from my university! Such a small world. So it should be good on set chatting about stories about their 3 years at my uni.

Then! on Tuesday 7th July I have another interview for the possibility of an internship for a production company, I'm looking forward to this one, it would amazing if they accept me. I think I will wear the same shirt I wore to the film chat, kind of like a lucky shirt thing going on.

Now I think that gets you up to date with what I have been in up to. In fact I think I shall try and make my blog entries a weekly thing now, at the end of each week on a sunday evening I shall come on here and post what I got up during the week. Think thats a great idea.

So thanks for reading, and my next post will be the 5th July. Until then good bye!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

New possible placement

Today I was going about my non-productive days as usual, It consisted of me looking a job for the summer with no luck, sat in front the TV viewing dreadful daytime TV. My highlight was putting a few pictures up on the spare room for my old tit (mum)
Suddenly out of the blue that poor attempt at a highlight for a day had been taken over with this great one. I receive a unexpected from Darlow Smithson Productions, I e-mailed them the start of June for possibility of a work placement.  The kind lady at the other end of the phone had the great news to tell me she was calling me for that very reason! 
I may be excepted to help out with pre-production with the producer on a documentary for the Tsunami disaster back in 2004, which will be shown on Channel 4. Of course I was delighted and took up the offer straight away, the best part is they want me asap, which is great. Less time for me to sit down in front the tele watching daytime Tv, whilst trying to get a job in good old retail, or perhaps a warehouse. 

Exciting stuff! 

Monday, 15 June 2009

Projects for up coming months

During my time spent at College I developed a good friendship with a guy called Matthew Connell. we realised we worked so well together making productions. Unfortunately on completing College and applying to universities we both ended up our separate ways from getting acceptance from different Unis. We always said to each other we will work on productions together in the future. 
Which we have stuck by it. This summer we are both free as we've finished our first year at uni, which is prime opportunity for us to make some film work. We will do this under the name of Iconic Creations which is what we used in College so made perfect sense. This wont be anything big and too serious, just a way of showing what we can do with a camera and put our minds to something,  our first idea is to make a small documentary. 
Currently we have a Twitter page to promote ourselves a bit. Not much on there now, but its a start.

So for now, watch this space. I will keep you up to date with proceedings. 

Matthew x 

Saturday, 13 June 2009


So the time has arrived. I have finished my first year of Uni, which means I'm back home for the summer. To say the least I'm quite bored of the relaxed routine back here, compared to the busyness of London. I guess it would be nice to chill for the summer. 
But I'm on the look out for a Job as I start paying my months rent for my house on 1st July (SHIT!)
However on a good note I have secured some work experience during the summer. One is for 2 weeks in July for the Moving Image and Audio department in a company. The second is a 10 day shoot for a feature film. Which is all exciting stuff, all to look forward to. Which in my mind is more important that finding a typical shit job working in retail, but I guess I need the money! 

For everyone else who has finished Uni for the summer I hope you have a good summer, and I will post another blog when I have some exciting update in my life!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

My Summer Ball 7/10

Well I thought the night ended up being quite a good one.
Although a few small things were very good.
For instance, there was a really good fayre ground (mainly because the rides were free) but for some reason they decide the damn thing dead on 2am!
And the whole Summer Ball was planned to finish at 7am. So that was not good as there was no fun rides to go on! Under the marque there was a "casino" this was hilarious as, there was no money involved. They just handed us chips to play the games with, and because everyone was hammered by this point, you would see students just chucking there chips around with not a care in the world. While the dealer would try and play the games properly without any fuss. This was not possible!
Some reason they decided to be really cheeky and raise the prices on the drinks. And my friend tells me the next day she bought a round of 4 drinks which came to £20! which is bloody ridiculous for an SU.
And to put on top of all this, it was raining on and off which was not fun, although it did not matter too much, just would of been nicer without the rain!
My aim was to try and make it to the end of the night (well morning) at 7am. However the dance room was far too hot for my liking so I made a swift exit around 4, which I thought was resemble.

All in all a good night, but maybe better without the rides closing early, and stupid prices for drinks, and air con for a dancefloor!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Summer Ball?

Today I'm attending my Summer Ball, however this morning I open my curtains only to see it has been raining already! This is not good!

In other news, I have been contacted from a company who are filming a music video who have lost the studio they were originally going to film in. Now they've asked if they can use the studio at my uni. So fingers crossed they can!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The day has arrived

Today, I have finished university!
It is so strange, as it feels like only yesterday I started uni.
I now have to sort myself out, and hopefully get some work experience lined up for me in the summer break. Which will involve me send off about 100+ e-mails. Should be a fun way to celebrate completing my first year!

Other news I have sorted my house for next year at uni! Its very good!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Who cares?

I just recently got a T-shirt design accepted on
Now I would like all your kind people to rate the T-shirt design for me, as it would be cool to have my design to be accepted!

Score here

Thank you