Thursday, 17 December 2009

Semester 1. DONE!

Today I finished my first and last exam of semester 1 of my second year at uni.
And it feels so good! I get to go back to my home town for Christmas and chill!
This time last year I had exams after Christmas so I couldn't chill completely! However this time I come back from Christmas to just start my second semester!... Awesome!

The Christmas break will consist of me drinking a lot, and getting fat from all the free food! Good times! (oh and warm houses with central heating!)

To celebrate finish my first semester me and some friends from uni are going to try the Circle Line Pub crawl. Which consists of stopping off at every stop on the Circle Line tube line and finding the nearest pub and having a pint. This will mean we have to consume 27 pints! and then a vitory pint at the pub we started... 28!
Of course this will not be done, so we have set ourselves a target of 10 and finish off the night at On Anon for the Mischeif Student. Never been before, but heard some good things about it. Should be a top night!

We have promised ourselves next year we will complete the Circle Line pub crawl properly, and start off around 12pm and do all 27 stops!

Lets hope tonight ends up being a good one!

M x

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