Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Years Eve - I have a plan!

The last few days I have been going back and forth through phone calls and texting my housemates to try and organise a good night out for New Years Eve. I think I have finally have it sorted it. I have high hopes for the night now!

The last few New Years Even have been quite appalling. One year we went to a house party and got kicked out, meaning me and my friends actually celebrated New Years 12 O clock in the middle of the street going to another house party. Another year we decided to spend £20! to go to a club which we went to every week. Was a total waste of money as the club was rammed, meaning we couldn't get on the dance floor and took a year to get served at the bar. Plus the drink prices had been raised through the roof! And then last year my mates decide on a bar crawl at the last minute, which was a very expensive idea.

So now you can see why I have been working hard to make sure this year is going to be a good one for once!
We are off to a club in Kingston which has been reopened under the name of Hippodrome. The small record store in Kingston called Banquet Records have organised this event, which means there will be good DJs as the owners of the Record store have good taste in music! The main room is Indie so I imagine I shall be spending most of my night there. 2nd room is Dubstep and Electronic. Then the 3rd room will be Alternative Nu Metal, so that will be interesting!

Fingers crossed I haven't hyped up the night too much and it turns out to be bad. I have also invited a few friends from back home to come along to show them a better night out than Portsmouth ;-)

I'll let you know how the event works out after it happens.

M x

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