Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Mums House!

After my swift visit to my dads house, I am now officially chilling at my mums house, by successfully doing sweet nothing!
Although my mum has been taking advantage of me being at home while she is at work by making me prepare dinner for when she comes home.
I thought I was home for Christmas to have a small holiday, not to be a bloody chef!
I don't mind though really, the amount of free food is amazing. I actually have a choice on what to have for lunch!

During the day I have just been sat in front of the TV watching Christmas films, from Matilda to first 2 Home Alones (lets face it the others are shit)
These films have got me in the Christmas spirit now. More so as today is Christmas Eve Eve!

Whilst being down here I have been trying to catch up with a few friends, but this has been less than successful, as they are quite busy from working full time.
However last night I did catch up with a few old school friends. We took a trip to the Casino in my local town. I hadn't been in a long time, so I was going with a positive mind set, thinking the long break has put me back in the game. However I was totally wrong, and literally pissed £30 up the wall! Although it was good fun while it lasted (I think...)
Then I look at my friends I went with and each of them left with a winnings of over £100 pounds. Gits!

Another time I wasted money was yesterday going to the dentist. I spent £24 for her to simply tell me to keep on brushing the way I am, and ask me whether I want my next appointment in 9 months again. £24 for that, such a joke in my opinion!
I guess it was better to get good news, as I used to always get bad news from her. She used to always moan that my gums were bad, and I was not brushing properly. But what kid at that age brushes their teeth properly anyway?

Anyway, small rant over. Bring on Christmas day!

M x

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