Saturday, 5 December 2009


Lately I've been having some really odd dreams, mainly these ones have been when I've had a few drinks and quite drunk. (and not after drinking some milk or eating a block of cheese before I go to bed)
There has been quite a lot of strange dreams lately because I have been going out a fair few nights.

But this is a list of some of the dream activities I've been experiencing;

Signing up to a game with another 100 people to simply kill myself in a bonfire. Names were drawn out of a hat at random, I was still alive when there was around 6 people left. At this time I wanted to be out of the game.

Sitting in an Office full of girls with really long unshaven legs.

Being part of a Tsunami, and all the debris was simply smashed of glass bottles, resulting in my face rather scared.

Being in a massive house organising a music video. No one would tell me what band we were filming, until the last minute when it was Jack Penate.


Being in my bedroom late at night shooting random animals out the window with an air rifle.

They are quite odd, and in every case it was the sort of dreams that seem so real when your experience them.
I think I may set up a new blog dedicated to my dreams, and everyone I remember large amounts of detail of I shall simply post it on there.
So watch out for the link of my DreamBlog.

M x

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