Saturday, 12 December 2009


Last night, I had quite a random dream, wasn't quite a strange ones I kept having a few weeks back, however it was quite random.

Heres how it went out;
I live on my Universities radio station, all is well. I was on my own, but some reason other people kept walking in and being my co-hosts. In the end there was around 6 of us in the studio.

Then as a song plays out to the end, a random girl walks into the studio, whilst I am doing the link. She sits down in front of me, and some how I recognise her.

I finish my link and play a track, and it turns out it was one of my friends from back home, who I haven't seen since I started university. So naturally I gave her a huge hug and started to chat. At that point my dream ended and I woke up gradually.

Rather random this dream, as I haven't spoken to her in so long, and not even thought about her in a long time. So I don't know where this link to having a dream with her in came from.

It's a mystery,

M x

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