Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dream - 3

Last night I had another good dream, which I thought be worth posting on my blog about.

I was working on which looked like a farm, with a few of my friends. And I think it was like an apprenticeship so I was learning things, then putting them into practice on this farm. I think if I remember rightly I was working with a few university mates. However they were too busy in mucking around than actually working (no change, as thats what they're like in real life)
Then for some majority of the dream, a video rental section popped up on this land. And I was running around the isles trying to find this DVD I wanted.

But anyway, thats the not the main point of the dream. It then jumped a few days or so, and this rather attractive girl joined to work on this farm. We all then had a break for lunch, where I willingly went and sat next to this girl. However for some reason we weren't saying a word to each other, even though we were sat side by side. The the dream then flashed forward to end of the break, and I happened to say something. Straight away we started talking.
It was quite strange, I think some flirting was happening (this is all sounding quite sad I know) some reason their was a fascination with my ear piercing' I think we were sticking things in the holes. During this whole event of the dream, I couldn't quite picture her face. But in my mind I knew she was a looker! (HA!)

The dream flashed forward substantially again, to a point where I think me and this girl were actually together.
In a nut shell it was like a montage of us being together, and the whole experience was real nice (soppy I know)

Unfortunately I woke up as I was changing position in my bed. I dosed off again, doing the cliche thing of hoping to go back to that nice dream. How pathetic of me!

I think this is a wake up call for me though, to start fresh in 2010, and make the effort to find that special someone. As forever I don't make that effort, the girl tends to find me.

So wish me luck in 2010!

M x

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