Monday, 7 December 2009

9am - "Time for a can of Strongbow I think..."

The day had finally came, I was going to The Church in London!
If you may or may not know, The Church is a club in London which is only open on a Sunday, with the mad idea of opening from 12pm - 3pm. Excellent!

Two friends of mine from Uni had organised this day for a long time as it was there birthday within a few days of each other.
Ever since I started Uni last year, I have wanted to go to this club, so I can gather I was quite excited to finally experience the place!
It did not disappoint, I had a awesome time!

The night before I have a resemble early one to make sure I am nice and awake for the interesting day ahead. I wake up around 9am, and the first thing I do (other than use the toilet) is crack open an ice cold can of Strongbow. Now surprisingly this can and a few more later went down rather well (not a good sign really...)
Me and my housemate make our way to the station, oh and I forgot to mention were in fancy dress. Girls cavegirls and the boys Ninja Turtles. You can probably imagine the looks we got.
We hop onto the train and make our way into London (Kentish town)
During the journey many people were getting on and off of the trains and tubes we were also traveling on, and the amount of shocked faces people were pulling were fantastic!

We finally get closer to the venue, and we encounter more people were obviously making their way to the same place, as they were all dressed as Wheres Wally. So naturally we follow them to make sure we got to the right venue. Of course by this time we were all getting rather loud and merry.
In the venue was rammed with people in fancy dress, people in Morph suits, more people in Wheres Wally and the occasional Ompa Lompa. The club isn't just a place to dance they also have some "light" entertainment. Consisting of a stripper, Male and Female - Lovely!
The first one to come on was the female stripper, so I got myself a nice spot to watch the fun. And yeah she did a great job. But then after came on the Male, therefore the crowd becoming extremely loud with girls loving every minute of his show.
Then! to my surprise, and no doubt many other lads, the Female came on for Round 2 - Awesome!

The day was excellent and when the venue closed the surrounding streets were riddled with drunk people in fancy dress, all very amusing.
I finally stumble back into my flat at around 5/6 (I think) and just go to bed, only to wake up around 10pm with a steaming headache, this was properly my hangover.

All in all the day was a complete success and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a different day out. And I would definitely do it again!

M x


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