Saturday, 28 November 2009

What have I been doing!?

I'm sure that question is on all of your lips at the moment *ahem*, as i've been a tad quiet on my blog.

Well to some of my friends this statement may be a bit of a joke, but I have been quite busy meaning I haven't found much time to update this regularly.

But what I been doing I hear you ask!?
Well I've done two amazing shoots for the music I am directing. I have seen half the footage and so far its look sweet! This week I am going to go through the rest of the footage and make up some teaser trailers, to create a little buzz for when it finally gets released!

I have also been working again! YAY! There has been some matches at Twickenham stadium, so I finally have some more pocket money to play with. And these matches have been long days as I've been working on the posh hospitality boxes where people pay a great deal of money for a decent meal and free booze before and after the game. Sometimes I've been luckily enough to taste the food, and it is bloody great!

Both these things have been taken up my weekends, so i've been worn out all weekend. But its all good fun! As well as this I'm still holding down a degree, this is going well. Next week I shall be shooting my latest assignment of a 30 second quality street advert. Hopefully it will turn out well, our idea is quite a strong one I reckon. The lecturers liked it which is always a bonus!

Oh and one more thing to put on top of that, I was approached by a man who creates Asian Wedding videos, and has asked me to edit some of his work, as he recently lost all his computers and didn't back them up. So he's proper stressed out, and I've been that light at the end of the tunnel (as he puts it)
Quite easy work though, and he's going to pay me which is always a cheeky bonus!

Well thats a nice update for you, I must dash I am putting one of my guitars up on Ebay I never play it anymore and mainly I need some extra cash!

Ta ta, M x

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