Monday, 2 November 2009

First decent assignment at uni!

On Friday I was handed my assignment brief for my "Image & Visual Culture" module, and this assignment looks like it is going to be a good one !

I have been given 10 words, which I have to take a photograph that interprets each word, as well as emphasis on certain aspects to the image eg. texture. This is great as there is no writing involved explaining why you choose and all that. Just simply the image. The 10 words and their emphasis are;

ARCHITECTURE - Viewpoint / Line / Shape & Pattern
RUBBISH - Colour / Texture / Pattern
TREASURE - Viewpoint / Colour / Texture
MONEY - Viewpoint / Texture / Light
FITNESS - Movement & Motion (Groups of "active" people)
TRANSPORT - Viewpoint / Surface / Texture
TRANQUILITY - People and Pace (context)
DOORS - Viewpoint / Surface / Texture
FLAWED - Contrast / Surface / Texture
A PORTRAIT - Individual of Group / Studio / Lighting / Composition

This should be good fun coming up with some interesting ideas, which I have a few flying round my head already. I have to shoot each image on the colleges Canon 350d which is a lovely camera, although from my 21st birthday money I shall be getting myself a better one! Can't wait to get that actually.

I shall post some progress images of this assignment.

M x

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