Sunday, 11 October 2009


I had a good result the other day, as you know I am still one of the reported 175,000 students waiting to receive their loans.
During this time I've had a refund through PayPal of a nice helpful amount of money. However, I've had a restriction on my account (which I don't know why...), which has meant I haven't been able to receive the damn money. I had to resolve the problem by requesting this stupid code to be delivered to my house to prove my address. Yesterday the code finally came, I looked at the date, and the letter was dated 16th September.
Now come on PayPal what the fuck are you playing at. You guys are very good at being safe with protecting details (which i've found out the hard way) and making transactions, but seriously can't you sort out your posting service. 3 weeks to receive a 10 digit code to prove an address is bit of a joke right?

Thats is all, had to get that off my chest,

M x

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