Monday, 26 October 2009

Now I feel old!

Yesterday I finally celebrated my big 21st birthday!

It was a real nice day, I spent it at my mums. She had organised her side of the family to come round and celebrate with some nibbles and champagne. Was a good turn out as everyone in the family made it!
Whilst I was there I went through my mail that is still address to my mums house. From going through it I worked out I hadn't been home to my mums house for 4 months!

Then today I spent the whole day in London with my mum, she hasn't been in a long time so I offered to show her some sites. We did the lot, London Eye, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street (where she bought me these awesome pair of chinos) and Totenham Court Road.
So you can imagine being home now my feet are killing me and very tired.
But I haven't stopped and relaxed yet, I have been busy sending round e-mails to people who are involved with the music video I am directing. It is enjoyable though as I can this is going on the right track and should be a good success!

Watch this space for the final outcome!

M x

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