Monday, 26 October 2009

Now I feel old!

Yesterday I finally celebrated my big 21st birthday!

It was a real nice day, I spent it at my mums. She had organised her side of the family to come round and celebrate with some nibbles and champagne. Was a good turn out as everyone in the family made it!
Whilst I was there I went through my mail that is still address to my mums house. From going through it I worked out I hadn't been home to my mums house for 4 months!

Then today I spent the whole day in London with my mum, she hasn't been in a long time so I offered to show her some sites. We did the lot, London Eye, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street (where she bought me these awesome pair of chinos) and Totenham Court Road.
So you can imagine being home now my feet are killing me and very tired.
But I haven't stopped and relaxed yet, I have been busy sending round e-mails to people who are involved with the music video I am directing. It is enjoyable though as I can this is going on the right track and should be a good success!

Watch this space for the final outcome!

M x

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Today's the day!

The day has finally come round for me to officially celebrate my 21st birthday!

Me and my friends are going to hit central London with a bang, I have got us a reserved table at this real nice bar over in Angel Its actually where I was working last month for my internship at Rockfeedback I was on the top floor.
As well as this I have reserved us an area at this cocktail bar just round the corner from Lexington.
So I think the night should be a good one. Although i'm dreading the morning, as I have to get a train back to my hometown of Fareham to my mums house to celebrate my actual birthday with my mums side of the family.

Wish my luck!
Your only 21 once I guess!

M x

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Google Search: Kanye West is Dead?

Today I log in to Twitter (which I do every day), I look on the side column which consists of trending topics. I see the top one is "RIP Kanye West" I search this and of course it is a hoax.

I have to admit I was a bit shocked from seeing that, as Twitter was my main source of information how I found out that Michael Jackson had died back in June.

Oh the powers of Twitter trending topics, I would love to have my name as a trending topic. Maybe I'll try and make it a trending topic for my birthday on the 25th... Matthew's21st would be a nice trending topic I think!

I can only try I guess!

M x

Monday, 19 October 2009

End to a cracking weekend!

Today I go back home to my house in London, and luckily for my Dad he wont have to give me a lift back. My housemate is picking me up on my way through as she has been home for the weekend also!

My weekend has been fantastic! The Saturday I had a house warming get together which consisted of Tea and Cake. This was my Uncle and Aunties new house, which they have recently moved into about 10 doors down from my Dads house. So was a nice easy walk down for the Tea and Cake.
The house is nice and homely, but there is a lot of work to be done. But my uncle is quite a handy man and likes the odd DIY with things. So I'm sure he has plenty of plans!
Whilst I was there I bumped into my Mums brothers wife and two kids, this was quite random as there aren't part of my Dads side of the family (since the divorce) however their daughter good friends with my Dads brothers Daughter (if that makes any sense yo you...)

Sunday was my 21st pre birthday celebrations! This was a great day. My Dads house was packed out with his side of the family, I estimate there was around 30 people in the house, which included around 10 toddlers wondering around the house! Mad times!
I enjoyed the time mingling with everyone chatting about my times at uni, filling everyone in. Was nice to see everyone leave though and lay down and relax, in front of X Factor... AHEM!

Now back to London to celebrate my Birthday in central on the Saturday, then back home to my Mums this time for my ACTUAL birthday celebrations with my Mums side of the family!

Looking forward to it all!

M x

Friday, 16 October 2009

The 21st is sinking in!

Today I made the journey back home to my dads house, as he has organised a big family get together on Sunday to celebrate my 21st birthday which is next week (25th October)

Up until now I haven't given much thought about the whole big deal which accompanies most people once they turn 21. Personally I didn't think it was a big deal, I just saw it as another year. But now I am now at my dads house sat in his lounge typing this blog entry, I realise it is quite a big deal.
However I'm not going to do the whole "oh no I'm getting old..." I am going to see it as you only turn 21 once so I will make the most of it!

I have already planned to have a night out in London the day before my birthday (although I don't know where to go in London), which will follow with a fancy dress party at my house the Wednesday after. So I think I will try and milk my birthday for the whole week.

Bring it on!

M x

Sunday, 11 October 2009


I had a good result the other day, as you know I am still one of the reported 175,000 students waiting to receive their loans.
During this time I've had a refund through PayPal of a nice helpful amount of money. However, I've had a restriction on my account (which I don't know why...), which has meant I haven't been able to receive the damn money. I had to resolve the problem by requesting this stupid code to be delivered to my house to prove my address. Yesterday the code finally came, I looked at the date, and the letter was dated 16th September.
Now come on PayPal what the fuck are you playing at. You guys are very good at being safe with protecting details (which i've found out the hard way) and making transactions, but seriously can't you sort out your posting service. 3 weeks to receive a 10 digit code to prove an address is bit of a joke right?

Thats is all, had to get that off my chest,

M x

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Not a lot...

This just a quick update with what i've been up to... and to be honest not a lot.
Mainly because I still haven't received my student loans. Which I now need desperately as I can't actually afford to do anything! It has resulted in me owing quite a bit of money to my housemates who have been helping me out here and there.

On another note I have started reading Book 1 of Lord Of The Rings, going well. Although because I have seen the film I keep picturing the film in my head, which is real annoying. But I'm still enjoying it.

Last night I had my second show on SMUC Radio, again it successfully, and had fair amount of people listening. Lets hope this raises each week. Remember - Tuesdays 4 - 5:30pm SMUC Radio

M x