Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Successful Weekend!

Okay so my bank holiday weekend didn't involve me being at Reading Festival, which was very depressing for me ( I will be going next year)
However I still managed to have a successful one. Saturday not much happened, I just chilled and my housemates mum came to visit the house and ordered us Chinese, which was awesome!

Then Sunday I had no plans, so majority of the morning I was dosing around. Until I receive a text from my Production Designer who is working on the music video I am making for The Startover. She tells me she has organised a meeting for us and the band to talk over ideas. Which I thought straight away this is going to be an awesome opportunity to set things right and get the ball well and truly rolling! And boy was I right!

The meeting went extremely well! All the band members had loads of ideas to put on the table (as well as myself of course) we spent a good two hours throwing back and forth ideas at each other until we finally got down a definite idea. It was awesome for me to get back into my creative mind again as I haven't done this for a while since I finished college last summer! It was all very professional. I left the meeting feeling very pleased with myself and I now can't wait to get this project underway and start filming!

During the meeting a get a text from my housemate back home telling me there is no work tomorrow (Bank Holiday Monday) therefore I should go out with her and another friend of mine for some drinks. As per usual this didn't take me much persuasion and I said yes. Although I was over in Kent for the production it was still going to take me just over an hour to get back home. However this was not the case. As I was on my final stretch home arriving at Clapham Junction. The train stops at the station as usual, however not leaving right away after a minute or so the train decides to stay put. At first I thought nothing of it. However 10 minutes go by and as well as other people on the train I am starting wonder what's going on. So I go and look outside the carriage doors. To my surprise I see a few men who are being question at the front of the train, they are drunk and have been caught on the tracks. I guess they weren't the only ones who weren't taking advantage of the next day being a Bank Holiday.

I did eventually arrive at home, half hour later than expected. But I still managed to have a good night in the club, even if the prices of drinks were ridiculous high!

And to say I was a little bit hungover the next day would be an understatement of the year so far I reckon!

I hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend!

M x

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