Saturday, 26 September 2009

I miss being a fresher!

The week of freshers week is coming to a close, and to say the least it has been an eventful one!

The Sunday night was a good laugh, me and my housemates took a stroll over to the SU and by the time we arrived the SU was already rammed with freshers stumbling everywhere and breaking the ice with random conversations on what halls they are what course they are taking etc. The night was good fun, and brought me back to my first year doing the exact same thing, I realised how much I missed it! After the SU had closed we ventured on into the halls I lived in my first year, this brought back a lot of memories, I'd love to do my first year all over again! We finished the night off with some drinking games in the halls and then made the journey back home.
Then came the Monday night.... Well this was a strange and scary one.
It began as normal, some pre drinking at my house, as the plan was to have a night in our local club Oceana in Kingston. we finish off our drinks in my house, and make our way to the bus stop which is conveniently right outside our house, all is well. Until we arrive in Kingston, I get off the bus and my housemate asks me to go get some money out for her, I wonder over to the cashpoint, baring in mind I'm not that drink, just a bit merry. I get the cash then walk back to queue outside the club.
The next minute I am looking down at a bloody shirt, I look up and my friend is kneeling down in front of me, we are sat in the emergency room inside the club....
I have no recollection of what happened to me what so ever. I have literally lost about 20mins of my night. Even now I still can't remember what happened to me. Apparently I was found in a bloody mess wondering outside the club, my friends rushed over and spoke to me, I was responding, but of course I have no memory of this. My housemates reckon I got hit by someone, as it would explain why I have a bump either side of my head and my shoulder very bruised. But nothing was taken from me. Its all very strange and quite scary.

The rest of freshers week has been okay, I didn't go out the following night. But braved it for the school disco which was a good laugh. But the whole time I was worrying about people bumping into my bruised shoulder, so wasn't that good.
Last night was a foam party, I attended that as I am now recovering quite well and managed to get slightly drunk. Again I was still worrying about bumping my shoulder.

So yeah my freshers week hasn't been completely the best, but I am feeling better now, and getting more movement out of my arm. If you have an account on you would see how much of a black eye I had and stuff.

Thanks for reading my horrible story,

M x

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