Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Radio worth listening to...

I have just got in from my first ever Radio show on SMUC Radio!
I think the show went down quite well a few hick ups here and there, but thats expected for the first show. And it can only be up from here! I am looking forward to next weeks show already!
After I had finished the show, I did a fill in for a DJ from 8 - 10, again this was good. Mainly due to the show only consisting of the genre of music I follow!

So yeah top night, and now I am back home getting ready to just chill for the evening.

If you want to listen to me live on the radio, then Tune in on Tuesdays from 4-6pm through SMUCRadio.com

M x

Saturday, 26 September 2009

I miss being a fresher!

The week of freshers week is coming to a close, and to say the least it has been an eventful one!

The Sunday night was a good laugh, me and my housemates took a stroll over to the SU and by the time we arrived the SU was already rammed with freshers stumbling everywhere and breaking the ice with random conversations on what halls they are what course they are taking etc. The night was good fun, and brought me back to my first year doing the exact same thing, I realised how much I missed it! After the SU had closed we ventured on into the halls I lived in my first year, this brought back a lot of memories, I'd love to do my first year all over again! We finished the night off with some drinking games in the halls and then made the journey back home.
Then came the Monday night.... Well this was a strange and scary one.
It began as normal, some pre drinking at my house, as the plan was to have a night in our local club Oceana in Kingston. we finish off our drinks in my house, and make our way to the bus stop which is conveniently right outside our house, all is well. Until we arrive in Kingston, I get off the bus and my housemate asks me to go get some money out for her, I wonder over to the cashpoint, baring in mind I'm not that drink, just a bit merry. I get the cash then walk back to queue outside the club.
The next minute I am looking down at a bloody shirt, I look up and my friend is kneeling down in front of me, we are sat in the emergency room inside the club....
I have no recollection of what happened to me what so ever. I have literally lost about 20mins of my night. Even now I still can't remember what happened to me. Apparently I was found in a bloody mess wondering outside the club, my friends rushed over and spoke to me, I was responding, but of course I have no memory of this. My housemates reckon I got hit by someone, as it would explain why I have a bump either side of my head and my shoulder very bruised. But nothing was taken from me. Its all very strange and quite scary.

The rest of freshers week has been okay, I didn't go out the following night. But braved it for the school disco which was a good laugh. But the whole time I was worrying about people bumping into my bruised shoulder, so wasn't that good.
Last night was a foam party, I attended that as I am now recovering quite well and managed to get slightly drunk. Again I was still worrying about bumping my shoulder.

So yeah my freshers week hasn't been completely the best, but I am feeling better now, and getting more movement out of my arm. If you have an account on http://www.dailybooth.com you would see how much of a black eye I had and stuff.

Thanks for reading my horrible story,

M x

Sunday, 20 September 2009

All good things have to end!

Friday night was my last day of intern at Rockfeedback TV. To say the least I was pretty sad about it, I really didn't want to leave. I had such a good time working there, and the guys who work there are a quality bunch of people!

But I guess it was a great experience, and they said to keep in touch and come back during the Summer break again. Which I shall definitely be doing!

Tomorrow I start my 2nd year at University which is also the same week of FRESHERS week, so I need to prepare myself for a heavy week of drinking. I haven't actually drank that much over the summer break so this week could be very interesting!

Wish me luck!
I shall try and give updates during the week to let you know how its going!

M x

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The End is near!

Sorry it has been such a long time since my last blog entry. I have been so busy with the internship I am under going at Rockfeedback TV. It has been amazing so far, I've been able to do so much things! Editing, camera work etc. I have been loving it, and this week will be my last night, which is very gutting.

The last few days have been very hectic though. Wednesday I was camera for a XBOX Viral for Pulled Apart From Heroes, this video was amazing. The concept was basically a mash up of of the band jamming in a recording studio. We were a bit skeptical wondering whether it will pull off, however we all thought it turned out awesome and show bring out some amazing footage.
It was so good being in the recording studio behind the camera just filming the band practically run through the set. Reminded me of the days when I used to be in band!
This all happened during the day, which left the evening for us to film a gig. Which was one of the band members from The Arcade Fire. This was very good the band were awesome, but I can't seem to remember their name right now.

This was all on the Wednesday! Then Thursday I was cameraman for yet another gig. This was Rockfeedback's Japanese night. Which was a very successful evening. All the bands were such a vast selection of genres, but the packed out crowd were there for all 4 of them which was good. The final band was interesting, the set ended with the guitarist drop kicking the bassist into his amp. And then the drummer stage diving into the crowd. Bare in mind that the venue isn't very big, so the crowd wasn't that packed to carry the drummer. He feel to the floor and the struggling crowd simple chucked him back onto to stage, resulting in him landing head first onto the stage.
And of course during all of this I had it filmed onto tape! This will be awesome to watch back when I ingest the footage on Monday.

Anyway thats it from me right now, I will try and get back into the swing of blogging more frequently!

M x

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Successful Weekend!

Okay so my bank holiday weekend didn't involve me being at Reading Festival, which was very depressing for me ( I will be going next year)
However I still managed to have a successful one. Saturday not much happened, I just chilled and my housemates mum came to visit the house and ordered us Chinese, which was awesome!

Then Sunday I had no plans, so majority of the morning I was dosing around. Until I receive a text from my Production Designer who is working on the music video I am making for The Startover. She tells me she has organised a meeting for us and the band to talk over ideas. Which I thought straight away this is going to be an awesome opportunity to set things right and get the ball well and truly rolling! And boy was I right!

The meeting went extremely well! All the band members had loads of ideas to put on the table (as well as myself of course) we spent a good two hours throwing back and forth ideas at each other until we finally got down a definite idea. It was awesome for me to get back into my creative mind again as I haven't done this for a while since I finished college last summer! It was all very professional. I left the meeting feeling very pleased with myself and I now can't wait to get this project underway and start filming!

During the meeting a get a text from my housemate back home telling me there is no work tomorrow (Bank Holiday Monday) therefore I should go out with her and another friend of mine for some drinks. As per usual this didn't take me much persuasion and I said yes. Although I was over in Kent for the production it was still going to take me just over an hour to get back home. However this was not the case. As I was on my final stretch home arriving at Clapham Junction. The train stops at the station as usual, however not leaving right away after a minute or so the train decides to stay put. At first I thought nothing of it. However 10 minutes go by and as well as other people on the train I am starting wonder what's going on. So I go and look outside the carriage doors. To my surprise I see a few men who are being question at the front of the train, they are drunk and have been caught on the tracks. I guess they weren't the only ones who weren't taking advantage of the next day being a Bank Holiday.

I did eventually arrive at home, half hour later than expected. But I still managed to have a good night in the club, even if the prices of drinks were ridiculous high!

And to say I was a little bit hungover the next day would be an understatement of the year so far I reckon!

I hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend!

M x