Thursday, 27 August 2009

Tired-ness is kicking in.

I am drawing closer to the end of my first week at Rockfeedback, to say the least it has been so far a fantastic week. In particular lat night was brilliant!
I was asked to be one of the cameramen for one of Rockfeedback's many gigs they put on downstairs under their offices.
Last nights performers was Gold Panda (I think) and Health.
The first band Gold Panda wasn't actually a band, it was a DJ, so there didn't seem much point having 3 cameras on one guy. However I still managed to get some decent wide shots from back of the slowly crowing band. Which soon grew vasty bigger when Health entered to the stage, which were to quote Rockfeedbacks editors favourite word. Awesome!. If you haven't of them before I suggest you check them out, they are from Los Angeles. They took to the stage with a great powerful riffs which was accompanied by they're superb stage presence.
For Health I had a new spot to film from which was inside the DJ both on the side of the stage, so I was able to get some great pick up shots of the drummer, and smaller details of guitarist/bassists tunning up etc.
The last song we didn't film which was great as I was able to fully enjoy the bands set, were I coud also watch whatever I wanted with my own eyes, not through a camera lense.

So yeah, so far my experience with Rockfeedback is going well, and it can only get better over the next 3 weeks!

M x

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