Sunday, 16 August 2009


So another week in my life has gone by, this one has been a good one.
I began my second week of work on this film I'm currently on, one day was extra long and tiring. But I don't mind the long days now and again because I enjoy the work.

This week has been nice though, because some days there was no filming scheduled therefore I had days to chill! which has been a bonus.
These days off gave me the chance to go and see some people who have moved in down the road from me who go to my university, I haven't seen them since finishing my first year, so it was nice to catch up with them!

Then today my dad, his fiance and my brother made a visit to my house. They brought with them the remaining stuff I had left back at home. Which means my room is finally complete and feeling more homely. Which now includes dart board and my guitar amplifier which I have already been cranking up to Volume 4 (Its 100 Watt so can't be too loud) and jamming along to some Rage Against The Machine.
On top of having my stuff back from home, I had TWO food parcels made up for me. So now my kitchen cupboards are over flowing with food. This all should last me way into next month! Lets hope!

One bad thing though to my week, I decided to give the student loan company a ring as I haven't heard anything from them since I sent the application off. It turns out I sent my application form to the wrong flipping address!
As I am now sending it off at a later date I may not get my loans as soon as I start university for my second year, this is not good news. But fingers crossed It will only be delayed a week or so!

M x

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