Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Evacuate the Set!

Today was my first day on set for a feature film I'm working on for the next week or so (Last Train From Silver Street) the shoot went really well. My role is to film the making of, which so far I'm really enjoying, getting some nice shots together behind the scenes.

Little story from todays shooting though, there was a bit of drama.

One of the scenes were being set up at to be honest quite a rough area of north east London. During the scene everything was going well until, some youths started pulling up on there BMX's in the distance. There was only 3 of them. However one of them shouted out something to one of the actors. At first we thought nothing of it, although this was not the case. Moments later more and more youths started to turn up to the location on their bikes. By the end of this there was around 20+
The actor they were calling out to started to get a bit agitated so we decided to clear the area and move on. We split up the group, the actor who was getting called upon went ahead on first with the director. Me and the other crew members followed on. As we leave the area the youths approach us and start asking what we filming for? And who is in the film? (basically trying to make us say the name of the actor who was getting shouting at)
All the corruption was all quite funny, as they were all so young. A few of the youths actually had bandannas over their face, you could only see their eyes. Later the actor who had the trouble explains that in fact they were a gang and he has some trouble with them in the past.

All in all the situation was brushed off and laughed about later on in the day.

Nice bit of drama to start off the shooting schedule.
I'll let you know if a drive by shooting happens next or something.

M x

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