Saturday, 29 August 2009

Can I have your autograph.

Last night I was relaxing in front the TV watching the Reading Festival coverage with a tear in my eye (It was my first time last year, therefore this year I wanted to go so badly, but had no money at the time the tickets went on sale) My thought started wondering, when I realised I haven't got a definite signature which I stick to whenever I sign for something.
I grab a piece of paper and start scribbling away, but for some reason I couldn't stick to a one standardised signature. (I would show you the piece of paper via a scanned image but my bloody scanner isn't working at this time).

This is quite annoying as I want a nice fancy signature to sign things, but at the moment this is not the case. I can't put the pen to paper and scribble a "cool" signature.

Ah well, I guess sometime I will have an idea.

Sorry if this post was slightly boring and pointless, but I just thought I would type this up. Well thats what this Journal is for...

I am looking forward to Monday. Not only is it a bank holiday, but myself a few friends have planned to spend the late afternoon in a pub in my local town Twickenham. This is the same pub I went to when my mum came up last week. It is a very nice pub, so should result in a nice afternoon to kick back and relax.

I shall let you know how it goes on the Tuesday.

M x

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