Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Small Update

Again, its been a while since my last entry. This is mainly because I have now officially moved into my new house over in Twickenham. Exciting stuff, however I haven't got internet just yet. Which I thought would be a nightmare, but I've surprising coped quite well. Therefore this blog entry is coming from 1st work placement in the summer break. I am on my last week of placement with Darlow Smithson Productions. Its been quite a good time, I'm a researcher for a Channel 4 documentary, so this of course will look excellent on m CV!

Bit of unfortunate news regarding my house though, one of my housemates has decided to change her chourse at uni. However this course is unavailable at our uni, so of course she is moving out. So me and my other two housemates are on the look out for someone to move in. Slightly annoying, but I guess we will just have to get on with it.
Some progress though, one housemate posted a "advert" regarding the situtation on a group on Facebook, and within a day a girl had replied to the post. She is having a viewing at the house on Thursday. So thats some good progress, but we just don't want to rush and find anyone to fill the gap.

Thats enough from me, hopefully I will become more regular with these entries once I get my internet up and running on the thursday!

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