Saturday, 18 July 2009

One down, more to go!

Yesterday was my final day of work experience for the company Darlow Smithson it was quite mad when I realised how quickly the two weeks went. Only I kept thinking how I could of used the two weeks more valuable and make myself known in the company. They were very grateful for me being there though, telling me if I ever need help in the future or something they're there. Which is good news I guess, plus I got a £20 Waterstones voucher. I'm yet to decide what book to buy with that. Any suggestions?

Buts thats not it for my work experience, I start my next one straight away. I start on Monday (20th July) for 2 weeks with the Central Offices of Information, they work on them adverts like the ones about drink driving, speeding, smoking all the government based adverts. Hopefully with this one I can use the 2 weeks more wisely and get my name known around the office or something!

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