Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New work experience

So three days in on my latest work experience and its been fantastic! I've been working for but before you ask I am working in the Moving Image and Audio Content because the site doesn't really sell it self as a production company. But anyway!

The first three days has been amazing! Day 1 I got introduced to bloody everyone! Which is good as everyone knows I'm there and they keep asking me to do little things.
Yesterday was good I was asked from a producer to help her out on a latest advert to be made in the next few months. Which ended up with me sitting in on a creative meeting which was a great insight I was sat at a table with two creatives, the producer and the director for this advert in a nice swanky production company in Soho, I loved every minute of it, hearing all there creative ideas come together.

Then today was amazing also! I got to sit in on two sound edits for adverts. One was a cinema ad, so dolby sound was being used (surround sound) and a normal TV ad (standard stereo). Again this was all at a stylish post production company off Oxford Street. The equipment in there was fantastic!

Tomorrow I'm on a shoot for some interviews. My task is to look after the people who arrive for the shoot and other things, so that would be a nice challenge for me making small talk.

Anyway enough from me bragging about this great time I'm having,

M x

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