Saturday, 13 June 2009


So the time has arrived. I have finished my first year of Uni, which means I'm back home for the summer. To say the least I'm quite bored of the relaxed routine back here, compared to the busyness of London. I guess it would be nice to chill for the summer. 
But I'm on the look out for a Job as I start paying my months rent for my house on 1st July (SHIT!)
However on a good note I have secured some work experience during the summer. One is for 2 weeks in July for the Moving Image and Audio department in a company. The second is a 10 day shoot for a feature film. Which is all exciting stuff, all to look forward to. Which in my mind is more important that finding a typical shit job working in retail, but I guess I need the money! 

For everyone else who has finished Uni for the summer I hope you have a good summer, and I will post another blog when I have some exciting update in my life!

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