Monday, 15 June 2009

Projects for up coming months

During my time spent at College I developed a good friendship with a guy called Matthew Connell. we realised we worked so well together making productions. Unfortunately on completing College and applying to universities we both ended up our separate ways from getting acceptance from different Unis. We always said to each other we will work on productions together in the future. 
Which we have stuck by it. This summer we are both free as we've finished our first year at uni, which is prime opportunity for us to make some film work. We will do this under the name of Iconic Creations which is what we used in College so made perfect sense. This wont be anything big and too serious, just a way of showing what we can do with a camera and put our minds to something,  our first idea is to make a small documentary. 
Currently we have a Twitter page to promote ourselves a bit. Not much on there now, but its a start.

So for now, watch this space. I will keep you up to date with proceedings. 

Matthew x 

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