Thursday, 18 June 2009

New possible placement

Today I was going about my non-productive days as usual, It consisted of me looking a job for the summer with no luck, sat in front the TV viewing dreadful daytime TV. My highlight was putting a few pictures up on the spare room for my old tit (mum)
Suddenly out of the blue that poor attempt at a highlight for a day had been taken over with this great one. I receive a unexpected from Darlow Smithson Productions, I e-mailed them the start of June for possibility of a work placement.  The kind lady at the other end of the phone had the great news to tell me she was calling me for that very reason! 
I may be excepted to help out with pre-production with the producer on a documentary for the Tsunami disaster back in 2004, which will be shown on Channel 4. Of course I was delighted and took up the offer straight away, the best part is they want me asap, which is great. Less time for me to sit down in front the tele watching daytime Tv, whilst trying to get a job in good old retail, or perhaps a warehouse. 

Exciting stuff! 

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