Sunday, 7 June 2009

My Summer Ball 7/10

Well I thought the night ended up being quite a good one.
Although a few small things were very good.
For instance, there was a really good fayre ground (mainly because the rides were free) but for some reason they decide the damn thing dead on 2am!
And the whole Summer Ball was planned to finish at 7am. So that was not good as there was no fun rides to go on! Under the marque there was a "casino" this was hilarious as, there was no money involved. They just handed us chips to play the games with, and because everyone was hammered by this point, you would see students just chucking there chips around with not a care in the world. While the dealer would try and play the games properly without any fuss. This was not possible!
Some reason they decided to be really cheeky and raise the prices on the drinks. And my friend tells me the next day she bought a round of 4 drinks which came to £20! which is bloody ridiculous for an SU.
And to put on top of all this, it was raining on and off which was not fun, although it did not matter too much, just would of been nicer without the rain!
My aim was to try and make it to the end of the night (well morning) at 7am. However the dance room was far too hot for my liking so I made a swift exit around 4, which I thought was resemble.

All in all a good night, but maybe better without the rides closing early, and stupid prices for drinks, and air con for a dancefloor!

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