Sunday, 28 June 2009

Long time no blogging!


Well it has been sometime since I last put in a blog entry, so bare with me this may be quite a long one. On the other hand it could be quite interesting as I have a fair bit to write.

Firstly I have been down back in my home town for about a week now and already I'm bored out my skull as I'm still jobless so have no income, but yet still spending money, not good I suppose. I just miss all my friends back at uni. But we get the keys to our house on the 1st July! So will see them again soon! 2 days in fact. So its something for me to look forward to. Quite excited to move into the house as well.

Yesterday I had a good day however. I had a trip into London to a have a chat with a production on a feature film. They were more than willing for me to help them out with the production, so that is fantastic news, and I can't wait for the 10 day shoot to get underway on the 2nd August. I was quite surprised at one point during the chat though. They were generally chatting amongst themselves (the director, producer and think editor) they mentioned a "Making of" then all three of them turned to me and went "Hang on a minute, why don't you make it" So of course I jumped at the chance and said YES!
They are going to give me a simple Mini DV Camera for me capture behind scenes footage! Can't wait to be doing that, little bit of fun filming for me. Then to top it all they asked me what university I attend, and it turns out that both the Producer and the Editor graduated from my university! Such a small world. So it should be good on set chatting about stories about their 3 years at my uni.

Then! on Tuesday 7th July I have another interview for the possibility of an internship for a production company, I'm looking forward to this one, it would amazing if they accept me. I think I will wear the same shirt I wore to the film chat, kind of like a lucky shirt thing going on.

Now I think that gets you up to date with what I have been in up to. In fact I think I shall try and make my blog entries a weekly thing now, at the end of each week on a sunday evening I shall come on here and post what I got up during the week. Think thats a great idea.

So thanks for reading, and my next post will be the 5th July. Until then good bye!

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