Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Fourth of Many

Today has been such an unproductive day.
I wake up around 10am planning on working through the day to finish off some uni reports. But did this plan go ahead? Course not, I'm a typical student, I found more important things.
I realised I have become more addicted to twitter over facebook. I know you don't exactly do much on twitter, but the simplicity of the site is the main reason I like it. No stupid gimmicks of people sending you hugs, knowing a secret about you, or asking you to play poker with you!
It's back to basic, and straight to point. Simply chatting to one an other. A great wait for promoting yourself to practically everyone!
Which is perfect for me as it will be another place for me to promote my online portfolio of work. With the growing amount of followers of me makes it even more easier to give me more coverage for my site, currently I'm hitting over hundred!
Lets just hope this doesn't turn into an obession and I can't bring myself to not logging and "twittering"

Now to end my unproductive (or perhaps quite decent) day I'm sat infront the TV watching a Family Guy DVD, while "twittering" of course. Perfect!

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