Thursday, 14 May 2009

Fifth of Many

Don't drop a macbook!
Its a stupid idea...
The other evening I had just finished an essay, and I click on save, all things fine. But oh no! I stand up from my chair, move to leave the room. Then crash! I drop my bloody macbook onto the floor, but not just a simple falling to the ground. Oh no. I manage to drop the macbook straight onto the corner where the Hard Drive lives. So as you may guess all my Data is gone! Including, three essays due in the next few weeks.
I get the laptop analysed at my local Apple Store, and well basically its fucked. But luckily I have to just buy a new Hard Drive and a casing due the case currently being mangled from the impact.
Now i'm in panic as I have to re do all these bloody essays which I have already done!

Anyway, send me some sympathy!


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Beau Brummel Music said...

That' really fucking shit!