Friday, 29 May 2009

The sun is shining and I'm indoors

Most of my friends at uni finished their first year yesterday by finishing there exams.
But oh no, not for me!
There all out on the field, while I'm sat in the library trying to do some revision.
Not cool! Plus I'm terrible at revising! Just wont go in!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sixth of Many (may stop that at some point...)

Finally have my laptop back and fixed, so that is good news.
Other good news is that I finish university on 2nd June!
I can't believe how quickly my first year as gone, its mad! I still remember my first day. I plan on sending off my CV to as many production companies as possible so I can get some work experience in the summer. So fingers crossed!

That is all

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Fifth of Many

Don't drop a macbook!
Its a stupid idea...
The other evening I had just finished an essay, and I click on save, all things fine. But oh no! I stand up from my chair, move to leave the room. Then crash! I drop my bloody macbook onto the floor, but not just a simple falling to the ground. Oh no. I manage to drop the macbook straight onto the corner where the Hard Drive lives. So as you may guess all my Data is gone! Including, three essays due in the next few weeks.
I get the laptop analysed at my local Apple Store, and well basically its fucked. But luckily I have to just buy a new Hard Drive and a casing due the case currently being mangled from the impact.
Now i'm in panic as I have to re do all these bloody essays which I have already done!

Anyway, send me some sympathy!


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Fourth of Many

Today has been such an unproductive day.
I wake up around 10am planning on working through the day to finish off some uni reports. But did this plan go ahead? Course not, I'm a typical student, I found more important things.
I realised I have become more addicted to twitter over facebook. I know you don't exactly do much on twitter, but the simplicity of the site is the main reason I like it. No stupid gimmicks of people sending you hugs, knowing a secret about you, or asking you to play poker with you!
It's back to basic, and straight to point. Simply chatting to one an other. A great wait for promoting yourself to practically everyone!
Which is perfect for me as it will be another place for me to promote my online portfolio of work. With the growing amount of followers of me makes it even more easier to give me more coverage for my site, currently I'm hitting over hundred!
Lets just hope this doesn't turn into an obession and I can't bring myself to not logging and "twittering"

Now to end my unproductive (or perhaps quite decent) day I'm sat infront the TV watching a Family Guy DVD, while "twittering" of course. Perfect!

Thanks for reading, and remember -


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Third of Many

I think this will be a short one, as I can't think much has happened to be lately that has been relatively interesting.
I've been having trouble with my personal website ( I have signed up to Adsense, and intend to advertise on there like I am currently doing on this Blog. However I am having trouble verifying my domain name with Adsense. So if anyone would have an suggestions, please contact me with some help.

The domain hosting site I signed up to is

Thanks, I will be interested with the help.