Thursday, 30 April 2009

Second of many!


For the last few weeks students have been campaigning around my university to be elected as the next Student Union president. It has been quite interested, seen ridiculous posters dotted around the uni, and people wearing t-shirts and so on.
Last night was the evening where all the nominated students would get up on stage and make their speeches to everyone else in the SU. Was quite a decent evening, however it started at around 6pm, so by the time it finished I had a few beers, so I was feeling it, thinking the time was around 10! but was only 7:30ish. Reminds me of a Lee Evans quote, if you know what I'm on about...
Basically was a decent evening, and I was expecting to know who I want to vote for at the end of the night, but however each candidate have their own good outlook on what they want to do if they're elected. So I am quite stuck on who to decide.
I better decide by tomorrow, as its ELECTION DAY! exciting stuff.

That is enough from me. As usual check my online portfolio for what I'm interested in!


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