Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Years Eve - I have a plan!

The last few days I have been going back and forth through phone calls and texting my housemates to try and organise a good night out for New Years Eve. I think I have finally have it sorted it. I have high hopes for the night now!

The last few New Years Even have been quite appalling. One year we went to a house party and got kicked out, meaning me and my friends actually celebrated New Years 12 O clock in the middle of the street going to another house party. Another year we decided to spend £20! to go to a club which we went to every week. Was a total waste of money as the club was rammed, meaning we couldn't get on the dance floor and took a year to get served at the bar. Plus the drink prices had been raised through the roof! And then last year my mates decide on a bar crawl at the last minute, which was a very expensive idea.

So now you can see why I have been working hard to make sure this year is going to be a good one for once!
We are off to a club in Kingston which has been reopened under the name of Hippodrome. The small record store in Kingston called Banquet Records have organised this event, which means there will be good DJs as the owners of the Record store have good taste in music! The main room is Indie so I imagine I shall be spending most of my night there. 2nd room is Dubstep and Electronic. Then the 3rd room will be Alternative Nu Metal, so that will be interesting!

Fingers crossed I haven't hyped up the night too much and it turns out to be bad. I have also invited a few friends from back home to come along to show them a better night out than Portsmouth ;-)

I'll let you know how the event works out after it happens.

M x

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dream - 3

Last night I had another good dream, which I thought be worth posting on my blog about.

I was working on which looked like a farm, with a few of my friends. And I think it was like an apprenticeship so I was learning things, then putting them into practice on this farm. I think if I remember rightly I was working with a few university mates. However they were too busy in mucking around than actually working (no change, as thats what they're like in real life)
Then for some majority of the dream, a video rental section popped up on this land. And I was running around the isles trying to find this DVD I wanted.

But anyway, thats the not the main point of the dream. It then jumped a few days or so, and this rather attractive girl joined to work on this farm. We all then had a break for lunch, where I willingly went and sat next to this girl. However for some reason we weren't saying a word to each other, even though we were sat side by side. The the dream then flashed forward to end of the break, and I happened to say something. Straight away we started talking.
It was quite strange, I think some flirting was happening (this is all sounding quite sad I know) some reason their was a fascination with my ear piercing' I think we were sticking things in the holes. During this whole event of the dream, I couldn't quite picture her face. But in my mind I knew she was a looker! (HA!)

The dream flashed forward substantially again, to a point where I think me and this girl were actually together.
In a nut shell it was like a montage of us being together, and the whole experience was real nice (soppy I know)

Unfortunately I woke up as I was changing position in my bed. I dosed off again, doing the cliche thing of hoping to go back to that nice dream. How pathetic of me!

I think this is a wake up call for me though, to start fresh in 2010, and make the effort to find that special someone. As forever I don't make that effort, the girl tends to find me.

So wish me luck in 2010!

M x

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Mums House!

After my swift visit to my dads house, I am now officially chilling at my mums house, by successfully doing sweet nothing!
Although my mum has been taking advantage of me being at home while she is at work by making me prepare dinner for when she comes home.
I thought I was home for Christmas to have a small holiday, not to be a bloody chef!
I don't mind though really, the amount of free food is amazing. I actually have a choice on what to have for lunch!

During the day I have just been sat in front of the TV watching Christmas films, from Matilda to first 2 Home Alones (lets face it the others are shit)
These films have got me in the Christmas spirit now. More so as today is Christmas Eve Eve!

Whilst being down here I have been trying to catch up with a few friends, but this has been less than successful, as they are quite busy from working full time.
However last night I did catch up with a few old school friends. We took a trip to the Casino in my local town. I hadn't been in a long time, so I was going with a positive mind set, thinking the long break has put me back in the game. However I was totally wrong, and literally pissed £30 up the wall! Although it was good fun while it lasted (I think...)
Then I look at my friends I went with and each of them left with a winnings of over £100 pounds. Gits!

Another time I wasted money was yesterday going to the dentist. I spent £24 for her to simply tell me to keep on brushing the way I am, and ask me whether I want my next appointment in 9 months again. £24 for that, such a joke in my opinion!
I guess it was better to get good news, as I used to always get bad news from her. She used to always moan that my gums were bad, and I was not brushing properly. But what kid at that age brushes their teeth properly anyway?

Anyway, small rant over. Bring on Christmas day!

M x

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Hometown for Christmas!

I am now back in my hometown of Fareham (near Portsmouth) for the Christmas holiday. This holiday break is going to be well deserved, as the week leading up to this had been an hectic one to say the least. As my university decided to give us all deadlines the two weeks before we finished!
I didn't mind the pressure that much as I enjoyed the work, and a bit of pressure now again is good I think!

So far I have enjoyed the warmth of my dads house. Its been bliss! I have missed central heating so much!
And on the menu tonight I have requested Roast Lamb... going to be a good night!

Then tomorrow I am off to my mums house up until Boxing Day! I haven't been to my mums house since my 21st birthday! I imagine there will be a huge hug waiting for me when I enter my mums house!

I'll let you know how that goes!

M x

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Semester 1. DONE!

Today I finished my first and last exam of semester 1 of my second year at uni.
And it feels so good! I get to go back to my home town for Christmas and chill!
This time last year I had exams after Christmas so I couldn't chill completely! However this time I come back from Christmas to just start my second semester!... Awesome!

The Christmas break will consist of me drinking a lot, and getting fat from all the free food! Good times! (oh and warm houses with central heating!)

To celebrate finish my first semester me and some friends from uni are going to try the Circle Line Pub crawl. Which consists of stopping off at every stop on the Circle Line tube line and finding the nearest pub and having a pint. This will mean we have to consume 27 pints! and then a vitory pint at the pub we started... 28!
Of course this will not be done, so we have set ourselves a target of 10 and finish off the night at On Anon for the Mischeif Student. Never been before, but heard some good things about it. Should be a top night!

We have promised ourselves next year we will complete the Circle Line pub crawl properly, and start off around 12pm and do all 27 stops!

Lets hope tonight ends up being a good one!

M x

Monday, 14 December 2009

Dream 2

Last night I had another odd dream...

Every yeah my dads side of the family go on a camp to the New Forest around may time in the summer holidays. It is known as the "Hoare Family Camp"

My dream last night, was about this annual camp, that I had decided to join this year. As lately I just make a guest appearance. Although this camp was not so good. As it was raining alot, which made all our tents and caravans slide along the field. Meaning all the tents and caravans had slid all into one area, making them all pile up on each other.
Then for some odd reason I decided to go around taking photos of the wreckage. Quite odd!

I do love some odd dreams though!

M x

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Last night, I had quite a random dream, wasn't quite a strange ones I kept having a few weeks back, however it was quite random.

Heres how it went out;
I live on my Universities radio station, all is well. I was on my own, but some reason other people kept walking in and being my co-hosts. In the end there was around 6 of us in the studio.

Then as a song plays out to the end, a random girl walks into the studio, whilst I am doing the link. She sits down in front of me, and some how I recognise her.

I finish my link and play a track, and it turns out it was one of my friends from back home, who I haven't seen since I started university. So naturally I gave her a huge hug and started to chat. At that point my dream ended and I woke up gradually.

Rather random this dream, as I haven't spoken to her in so long, and not even thought about her in a long time. So I don't know where this link to having a dream with her in came from.

It's a mystery,

M x

Friday, 11 December 2009

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Yesterday I finally got to hand in all my university work! The day was so good!
Then to make the day even better, it was the day of my Christmas Ball. And to say the least, I managed to get quite drunk. Which resulted in me waking up still drunk, having to make my way into university for a revision session. This was quite amusing however, everyone asking me "are you drunk...?"

Now this weekend, I am going to relax and do nothing at all! Well perhaps I should try and do some revision, the exam is on Thursday. Maybe!

Anyway, back to Scrubs,

M x

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My latest University Assignment

I finally finished my advert for Quality Street,

I am quite pleased with the outcome. What do you think!?

Monday, 7 December 2009

9am - "Time for a can of Strongbow I think..."

The day had finally came, I was going to The Church in London!
If you may or may not know, The Church is a club in London which is only open on a Sunday, with the mad idea of opening from 12pm - 3pm. Excellent!

Two friends of mine from Uni had organised this day for a long time as it was there birthday within a few days of each other.
Ever since I started Uni last year, I have wanted to go to this club, so I can gather I was quite excited to finally experience the place!
It did not disappoint, I had a awesome time!

The night before I have a resemble early one to make sure I am nice and awake for the interesting day ahead. I wake up around 9am, and the first thing I do (other than use the toilet) is crack open an ice cold can of Strongbow. Now surprisingly this can and a few more later went down rather well (not a good sign really...)
Me and my housemate make our way to the station, oh and I forgot to mention were in fancy dress. Girls cavegirls and the boys Ninja Turtles. You can probably imagine the looks we got.
We hop onto the train and make our way into London (Kentish town)
During the journey many people were getting on and off of the trains and tubes we were also traveling on, and the amount of shocked faces people were pulling were fantastic!

We finally get closer to the venue, and we encounter more people were obviously making their way to the same place, as they were all dressed as Wheres Wally. So naturally we follow them to make sure we got to the right venue. Of course by this time we were all getting rather loud and merry.
In the venue was rammed with people in fancy dress, people in Morph suits, more people in Wheres Wally and the occasional Ompa Lompa. The club isn't just a place to dance they also have some "light" entertainment. Consisting of a stripper, Male and Female - Lovely!
The first one to come on was the female stripper, so I got myself a nice spot to watch the fun. And yeah she did a great job. But then after came on the Male, therefore the crowd becoming extremely loud with girls loving every minute of his show.
Then! to my surprise, and no doubt many other lads, the Female came on for Round 2 - Awesome!

The day was excellent and when the venue closed the surrounding streets were riddled with drunk people in fancy dress, all very amusing.
I finally stumble back into my flat at around 5/6 (I think) and just go to bed, only to wake up around 10pm with a steaming headache, this was properly my hangover.

All in all the day was a complete success and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a different day out. And I would definitely do it again!

M x

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Lately I've been having some really odd dreams, mainly these ones have been when I've had a few drinks and quite drunk. (and not after drinking some milk or eating a block of cheese before I go to bed)
There has been quite a lot of strange dreams lately because I have been going out a fair few nights.

But this is a list of some of the dream activities I've been experiencing;

Signing up to a game with another 100 people to simply kill myself in a bonfire. Names were drawn out of a hat at random, I was still alive when there was around 6 people left. At this time I wanted to be out of the game.

Sitting in an Office full of girls with really long unshaven legs.

Being part of a Tsunami, and all the debris was simply smashed of glass bottles, resulting in my face rather scared.

Being in a massive house organising a music video. No one would tell me what band we were filming, until the last minute when it was Jack Penate.


Being in my bedroom late at night shooting random animals out the window with an air rifle.

They are quite odd, and in every case it was the sort of dreams that seem so real when your experience them.
I think I may set up a new blog dedicated to my dreams, and everyone I remember large amounts of detail of I shall simply post it on there.
So watch out for the link of my DreamBlog.

M x

Saturday, 28 November 2009

What have I been doing!?

I'm sure that question is on all of your lips at the moment *ahem*, as i've been a tad quiet on my blog.

Well to some of my friends this statement may be a bit of a joke, but I have been quite busy meaning I haven't found much time to update this regularly.

But what I been doing I hear you ask!?
Well I've done two amazing shoots for the music I am directing. I have seen half the footage and so far its look sweet! This week I am going to go through the rest of the footage and make up some teaser trailers, to create a little buzz for when it finally gets released!

I have also been working again! YAY! There has been some matches at Twickenham stadium, so I finally have some more pocket money to play with. And these matches have been long days as I've been working on the posh hospitality boxes where people pay a great deal of money for a decent meal and free booze before and after the game. Sometimes I've been luckily enough to taste the food, and it is bloody great!

Both these things have been taken up my weekends, so i've been worn out all weekend. But its all good fun! As well as this I'm still holding down a degree, this is going well. Next week I shall be shooting my latest assignment of a 30 second quality street advert. Hopefully it will turn out well, our idea is quite a strong one I reckon. The lecturers liked it which is always a bonus!

Oh and one more thing to put on top of that, I was approached by a man who creates Asian Wedding videos, and has asked me to edit some of his work, as he recently lost all his computers and didn't back them up. So he's proper stressed out, and I've been that light at the end of the tunnel (as he puts it)
Quite easy work though, and he's going to pay me which is always a cheeky bonus!

Well thats a nice update for you, I must dash I am putting one of my guitars up on Ebay I never play it anymore and mainly I need some extra cash!

Ta ta, M x

Monday, 16 November 2009

Thats a Wrap for the first day!

Yesterday was the first day of shooting for the music video I am directing for The Startover.
And the shoot went extremely well, each member of my crew performed to what I would call a professional standard. Meaning the shooting schedule went smoothly!
After the shoot we looked back at some of the rushes, and already there shoots of the band that look fantastic. I am really looking forward to looking through the rushes tomorrow once I ingest them onto a hard drive to back them up. Don't ever want to loose this footage !

Can't wait for the next shoot to get underway on the 22nd with the "live" crowd of around 30 extras. This should be a lot of fun!

M x

Thursday, 12 November 2009

All set and ready for the first big shoot!

I have just this minute got in from a meeting in central London with the main members of my crew for the music video I am directing for The Startover
The meeting went so well, I just had to come in and update my blog about it (and well its been a while since my last update anyway)

We basically went through EVERYTHING as the date of the first shoot has crept up on us rather fast. So we had to organise everything for the 15th Nov. I think we achieved this very well. We spent a good 3hours or so in my producers flat with my production designer and first AD going through the crew contacting them to make sure were all set for the big day. And we well and truly are. I can't wait to start this shoot for real, it is going to be an awesome one!

I'll let you know how it goes after the long day!

M x

Sunday, 8 November 2009

The time has come!

It has come round so quickly!
Next weekend (15th Nov) I shall be shooting the first pieces of footage for the music video I am directing for the band The Startover

I can't wait to get this day underway, it should be a real exciting day!

However, I need your help as well!
The following weekend (22nd Nov) I shall be shooting a live scene for the music video, which will require around 40-50 extras. The location for this shoot is atUnit1Skatepark in Rochester. So I need your help to come down if you are interested at around 5pm.
Please please pass this on to friends who would be interested.
Message me through twitter, facebook, dailybooth or ideally e-mail for more details.

M x

Monday, 2 November 2009

First decent assignment at uni!

On Friday I was handed my assignment brief for my "Image & Visual Culture" module, and this assignment looks like it is going to be a good one !

I have been given 10 words, which I have to take a photograph that interprets each word, as well as emphasis on certain aspects to the image eg. texture. This is great as there is no writing involved explaining why you choose and all that. Just simply the image. The 10 words and their emphasis are;

ARCHITECTURE - Viewpoint / Line / Shape & Pattern
RUBBISH - Colour / Texture / Pattern
TREASURE - Viewpoint / Colour / Texture
MONEY - Viewpoint / Texture / Light
FITNESS - Movement & Motion (Groups of "active" people)
TRANSPORT - Viewpoint / Surface / Texture
TRANQUILITY - People and Pace (context)
DOORS - Viewpoint / Surface / Texture
FLAWED - Contrast / Surface / Texture
A PORTRAIT - Individual of Group / Studio / Lighting / Composition

This should be good fun coming up with some interesting ideas, which I have a few flying round my head already. I have to shoot each image on the colleges Canon 350d which is a lovely camera, although from my 21st birthday money I shall be getting myself a better one! Can't wait to get that actually.

I shall post some progress images of this assignment.

M x

Monday, 26 October 2009

Now I feel old!

Yesterday I finally celebrated my big 21st birthday!

It was a real nice day, I spent it at my mums. She had organised her side of the family to come round and celebrate with some nibbles and champagne. Was a good turn out as everyone in the family made it!
Whilst I was there I went through my mail that is still address to my mums house. From going through it I worked out I hadn't been home to my mums house for 4 months!

Then today I spent the whole day in London with my mum, she hasn't been in a long time so I offered to show her some sites. We did the lot, London Eye, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street (where she bought me these awesome pair of chinos) and Totenham Court Road.
So you can imagine being home now my feet are killing me and very tired.
But I haven't stopped and relaxed yet, I have been busy sending round e-mails to people who are involved with the music video I am directing. It is enjoyable though as I can this is going on the right track and should be a good success!

Watch this space for the final outcome!

M x

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Today's the day!

The day has finally come round for me to officially celebrate my 21st birthday!

Me and my friends are going to hit central London with a bang, I have got us a reserved table at this real nice bar over in Angel Its actually where I was working last month for my internship at Rockfeedback I was on the top floor.
As well as this I have reserved us an area at this cocktail bar just round the corner from Lexington.
So I think the night should be a good one. Although i'm dreading the morning, as I have to get a train back to my hometown of Fareham to my mums house to celebrate my actual birthday with my mums side of the family.

Wish my luck!
Your only 21 once I guess!

M x

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Google Search: Kanye West is Dead?

Today I log in to Twitter (which I do every day), I look on the side column which consists of trending topics. I see the top one is "RIP Kanye West" I search this and of course it is a hoax.

I have to admit I was a bit shocked from seeing that, as Twitter was my main source of information how I found out that Michael Jackson had died back in June.

Oh the powers of Twitter trending topics, I would love to have my name as a trending topic. Maybe I'll try and make it a trending topic for my birthday on the 25th... Matthew's21st would be a nice trending topic I think!

I can only try I guess!

M x

Monday, 19 October 2009

End to a cracking weekend!

Today I go back home to my house in London, and luckily for my Dad he wont have to give me a lift back. My housemate is picking me up on my way through as she has been home for the weekend also!

My weekend has been fantastic! The Saturday I had a house warming get together which consisted of Tea and Cake. This was my Uncle and Aunties new house, which they have recently moved into about 10 doors down from my Dads house. So was a nice easy walk down for the Tea and Cake.
The house is nice and homely, but there is a lot of work to be done. But my uncle is quite a handy man and likes the odd DIY with things. So I'm sure he has plenty of plans!
Whilst I was there I bumped into my Mums brothers wife and two kids, this was quite random as there aren't part of my Dads side of the family (since the divorce) however their daughter good friends with my Dads brothers Daughter (if that makes any sense yo you...)

Sunday was my 21st pre birthday celebrations! This was a great day. My Dads house was packed out with his side of the family, I estimate there was around 30 people in the house, which included around 10 toddlers wondering around the house! Mad times!
I enjoyed the time mingling with everyone chatting about my times at uni, filling everyone in. Was nice to see everyone leave though and lay down and relax, in front of X Factor... AHEM!

Now back to London to celebrate my Birthday in central on the Saturday, then back home to my Mums this time for my ACTUAL birthday celebrations with my Mums side of the family!

Looking forward to it all!

M x

Friday, 16 October 2009

The 21st is sinking in!

Today I made the journey back home to my dads house, as he has organised a big family get together on Sunday to celebrate my 21st birthday which is next week (25th October)

Up until now I haven't given much thought about the whole big deal which accompanies most people once they turn 21. Personally I didn't think it was a big deal, I just saw it as another year. But now I am now at my dads house sat in his lounge typing this blog entry, I realise it is quite a big deal.
However I'm not going to do the whole "oh no I'm getting old..." I am going to see it as you only turn 21 once so I will make the most of it!

I have already planned to have a night out in London the day before my birthday (although I don't know where to go in London), which will follow with a fancy dress party at my house the Wednesday after. So I think I will try and milk my birthday for the whole week.

Bring it on!

M x

Sunday, 11 October 2009


I had a good result the other day, as you know I am still one of the reported 175,000 students waiting to receive their loans.
During this time I've had a refund through PayPal of a nice helpful amount of money. However, I've had a restriction on my account (which I don't know why...), which has meant I haven't been able to receive the damn money. I had to resolve the problem by requesting this stupid code to be delivered to my house to prove my address. Yesterday the code finally came, I looked at the date, and the letter was dated 16th September.
Now come on PayPal what the fuck are you playing at. You guys are very good at being safe with protecting details (which i've found out the hard way) and making transactions, but seriously can't you sort out your posting service. 3 weeks to receive a 10 digit code to prove an address is bit of a joke right?

Thats is all, had to get that off my chest,

M x

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Not a lot...

This just a quick update with what i've been up to... and to be honest not a lot.
Mainly because I still haven't received my student loans. Which I now need desperately as I can't actually afford to do anything! It has resulted in me owing quite a bit of money to my housemates who have been helping me out here and there.

On another note I have started reading Book 1 of Lord Of The Rings, going well. Although because I have seen the film I keep picturing the film in my head, which is real annoying. But I'm still enjoying it.

Last night I had my second show on SMUC Radio, again it successfully, and had fair amount of people listening. Lets hope this raises each week. Remember - Tuesdays 4 - 5:30pm SMUC Radio

M x

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Radio worth listening to...

I have just got in from my first ever Radio show on SMUC Radio!
I think the show went down quite well a few hick ups here and there, but thats expected for the first show. And it can only be up from here! I am looking forward to next weeks show already!
After I had finished the show, I did a fill in for a DJ from 8 - 10, again this was good. Mainly due to the show only consisting of the genre of music I follow!

So yeah top night, and now I am back home getting ready to just chill for the evening.

If you want to listen to me live on the radio, then Tune in on Tuesdays from 4-6pm through

M x

Saturday, 26 September 2009

I miss being a fresher!

The week of freshers week is coming to a close, and to say the least it has been an eventful one!

The Sunday night was a good laugh, me and my housemates took a stroll over to the SU and by the time we arrived the SU was already rammed with freshers stumbling everywhere and breaking the ice with random conversations on what halls they are what course they are taking etc. The night was good fun, and brought me back to my first year doing the exact same thing, I realised how much I missed it! After the SU had closed we ventured on into the halls I lived in my first year, this brought back a lot of memories, I'd love to do my first year all over again! We finished the night off with some drinking games in the halls and then made the journey back home.
Then came the Monday night.... Well this was a strange and scary one.
It began as normal, some pre drinking at my house, as the plan was to have a night in our local club Oceana in Kingston. we finish off our drinks in my house, and make our way to the bus stop which is conveniently right outside our house, all is well. Until we arrive in Kingston, I get off the bus and my housemate asks me to go get some money out for her, I wonder over to the cashpoint, baring in mind I'm not that drink, just a bit merry. I get the cash then walk back to queue outside the club.
The next minute I am looking down at a bloody shirt, I look up and my friend is kneeling down in front of me, we are sat in the emergency room inside the club....
I have no recollection of what happened to me what so ever. I have literally lost about 20mins of my night. Even now I still can't remember what happened to me. Apparently I was found in a bloody mess wondering outside the club, my friends rushed over and spoke to me, I was responding, but of course I have no memory of this. My housemates reckon I got hit by someone, as it would explain why I have a bump either side of my head and my shoulder very bruised. But nothing was taken from me. Its all very strange and quite scary.

The rest of freshers week has been okay, I didn't go out the following night. But braved it for the school disco which was a good laugh. But the whole time I was worrying about people bumping into my bruised shoulder, so wasn't that good.
Last night was a foam party, I attended that as I am now recovering quite well and managed to get slightly drunk. Again I was still worrying about bumping my shoulder.

So yeah my freshers week hasn't been completely the best, but I am feeling better now, and getting more movement out of my arm. If you have an account on you would see how much of a black eye I had and stuff.

Thanks for reading my horrible story,

M x

Sunday, 20 September 2009

All good things have to end!

Friday night was my last day of intern at Rockfeedback TV. To say the least I was pretty sad about it, I really didn't want to leave. I had such a good time working there, and the guys who work there are a quality bunch of people!

But I guess it was a great experience, and they said to keep in touch and come back during the Summer break again. Which I shall definitely be doing!

Tomorrow I start my 2nd year at University which is also the same week of FRESHERS week, so I need to prepare myself for a heavy week of drinking. I haven't actually drank that much over the summer break so this week could be very interesting!

Wish me luck!
I shall try and give updates during the week to let you know how its going!

M x

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The End is near!

Sorry it has been such a long time since my last blog entry. I have been so busy with the internship I am under going at Rockfeedback TV. It has been amazing so far, I've been able to do so much things! Editing, camera work etc. I have been loving it, and this week will be my last night, which is very gutting.

The last few days have been very hectic though. Wednesday I was camera for a XBOX Viral for Pulled Apart From Heroes, this video was amazing. The concept was basically a mash up of of the band jamming in a recording studio. We were a bit skeptical wondering whether it will pull off, however we all thought it turned out awesome and show bring out some amazing footage.
It was so good being in the recording studio behind the camera just filming the band practically run through the set. Reminded me of the days when I used to be in band!
This all happened during the day, which left the evening for us to film a gig. Which was one of the band members from The Arcade Fire. This was very good the band were awesome, but I can't seem to remember their name right now.

This was all on the Wednesday! Then Thursday I was cameraman for yet another gig. This was Rockfeedback's Japanese night. Which was a very successful evening. All the bands were such a vast selection of genres, but the packed out crowd were there for all 4 of them which was good. The final band was interesting, the set ended with the guitarist drop kicking the bassist into his amp. And then the drummer stage diving into the crowd. Bare in mind that the venue isn't very big, so the crowd wasn't that packed to carry the drummer. He feel to the floor and the struggling crowd simple chucked him back onto to stage, resulting in him landing head first onto the stage.
And of course during all of this I had it filmed onto tape! This will be awesome to watch back when I ingest the footage on Monday.

Anyway thats it from me right now, I will try and get back into the swing of blogging more frequently!

M x

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Successful Weekend!

Okay so my bank holiday weekend didn't involve me being at Reading Festival, which was very depressing for me ( I will be going next year)
However I still managed to have a successful one. Saturday not much happened, I just chilled and my housemates mum came to visit the house and ordered us Chinese, which was awesome!

Then Sunday I had no plans, so majority of the morning I was dosing around. Until I receive a text from my Production Designer who is working on the music video I am making for The Startover. She tells me she has organised a meeting for us and the band to talk over ideas. Which I thought straight away this is going to be an awesome opportunity to set things right and get the ball well and truly rolling! And boy was I right!

The meeting went extremely well! All the band members had loads of ideas to put on the table (as well as myself of course) we spent a good two hours throwing back and forth ideas at each other until we finally got down a definite idea. It was awesome for me to get back into my creative mind again as I haven't done this for a while since I finished college last summer! It was all very professional. I left the meeting feeling very pleased with myself and I now can't wait to get this project underway and start filming!

During the meeting a get a text from my housemate back home telling me there is no work tomorrow (Bank Holiday Monday) therefore I should go out with her and another friend of mine for some drinks. As per usual this didn't take me much persuasion and I said yes. Although I was over in Kent for the production it was still going to take me just over an hour to get back home. However this was not the case. As I was on my final stretch home arriving at Clapham Junction. The train stops at the station as usual, however not leaving right away after a minute or so the train decides to stay put. At first I thought nothing of it. However 10 minutes go by and as well as other people on the train I am starting wonder what's going on. So I go and look outside the carriage doors. To my surprise I see a few men who are being question at the front of the train, they are drunk and have been caught on the tracks. I guess they weren't the only ones who weren't taking advantage of the next day being a Bank Holiday.

I did eventually arrive at home, half hour later than expected. But I still managed to have a good night in the club, even if the prices of drinks were ridiculous high!

And to say I was a little bit hungover the next day would be an understatement of the year so far I reckon!

I hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend!

M x

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Can I have your autograph.

Last night I was relaxing in front the TV watching the Reading Festival coverage with a tear in my eye (It was my first time last year, therefore this year I wanted to go so badly, but had no money at the time the tickets went on sale) My thought started wondering, when I realised I haven't got a definite signature which I stick to whenever I sign for something.
I grab a piece of paper and start scribbling away, but for some reason I couldn't stick to a one standardised signature. (I would show you the piece of paper via a scanned image but my bloody scanner isn't working at this time).

This is quite annoying as I want a nice fancy signature to sign things, but at the moment this is not the case. I can't put the pen to paper and scribble a "cool" signature.

Ah well, I guess sometime I will have an idea.

Sorry if this post was slightly boring and pointless, but I just thought I would type this up. Well thats what this Journal is for...

I am looking forward to Monday. Not only is it a bank holiday, but myself a few friends have planned to spend the late afternoon in a pub in my local town Twickenham. This is the same pub I went to when my mum came up last week. It is a very nice pub, so should result in a nice afternoon to kick back and relax.

I shall let you know how it goes on the Tuesday.

M x

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Tired-ness is kicking in.

I am drawing closer to the end of my first week at Rockfeedback, to say the least it has been so far a fantastic week. In particular lat night was brilliant!
I was asked to be one of the cameramen for one of Rockfeedback's many gigs they put on downstairs under their offices.
Last nights performers was Gold Panda (I think) and Health.
The first band Gold Panda wasn't actually a band, it was a DJ, so there didn't seem much point having 3 cameras on one guy. However I still managed to get some decent wide shots from back of the slowly crowing band. Which soon grew vasty bigger when Health entered to the stage, which were to quote Rockfeedbacks editors favourite word. Awesome!. If you haven't of them before I suggest you check them out, they are from Los Angeles. They took to the stage with a great powerful riffs which was accompanied by they're superb stage presence.
For Health I had a new spot to film from which was inside the DJ both on the side of the stage, so I was able to get some great pick up shots of the drummer, and smaller details of guitarist/bassists tunning up etc.
The last song we didn't film which was great as I was able to fully enjoy the bands set, were I coud also watch whatever I wanted with my own eyes, not through a camera lense.

So yeah, so far my experience with Rockfeedback is going well, and it can only get better over the next 3 weeks!

M x

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday Evening update

So I have had another nice week here at my house in Twickenham. Again I haven't been doing any work experience, which means I have plenty of time to chill.

A few things happened during the week. I finished reading my first ever book (I know its ridiculous) I have been reading Peter James' "Denial", It was a very good read, and I would reccomend it to anyone. It was that good when I have time I will certainly be going back to Waterstones and buying another one of his books. I have now started to read "Nineteen Eighty Four" so far it has being a nice read.

One day during the week I was a little bored, I noticed there was a loft on the landing outside my room (the ceilings are rather high so I don't tend to look at the roof much). At the time I thought nothing of it. However the next day I decided to investigate. Upon entering the loft I stumble across a cracking big room with a high ceiling, I personally think it would be a great place to chill out. As our current "lounge" Is tiny to say the least. So this will be ideal, the only problem would be access to the place, but that can be sorted out with a cheap temporary ladder. But of course the space needs a good sorting out, which I have already began by going round with the hoover. Where I have found some odd stuff up there, including a book called "Creepy Creatures" and the Richmond and Twickenham newspaper dated 1987!

Today was a good day also, I wake up with a text from my mum explaining she will be coming up to see my house for the first time. Which was great because I had no plans for today. It was a nice day spent with my mum and her boyfriend. We went down to the riverside in Twickenham in this lovely pub which I will no doubt be going back to with my housemates. The day was finished off with a cracking Indian we found down a small side street.

So all in all I've had a top week.
Now to put on top of all that I start my 4 week internship with Rockfeedback TV which I am very excited to get under way. Of course I shall be blogging throughout this time to let you know how it is going.

Until then thanks for reading.

M x

Sunday, 16 August 2009


So another week in my life has gone by, this one has been a good one.
I began my second week of work on this film I'm currently on, one day was extra long and tiring. But I don't mind the long days now and again because I enjoy the work.

This week has been nice though, because some days there was no filming scheduled therefore I had days to chill! which has been a bonus.
These days off gave me the chance to go and see some people who have moved in down the road from me who go to my university, I haven't seen them since finishing my first year, so it was nice to catch up with them!

Then today my dad, his fiance and my brother made a visit to my house. They brought with them the remaining stuff I had left back at home. Which means my room is finally complete and feeling more homely. Which now includes dart board and my guitar amplifier which I have already been cranking up to Volume 4 (Its 100 Watt so can't be too loud) and jamming along to some Rage Against The Machine.
On top of having my stuff back from home, I had TWO food parcels made up for me. So now my kitchen cupboards are over flowing with food. This all should last me way into next month! Lets hope!

One bad thing though to my week, I decided to give the student loan company a ring as I haven't heard anything from them since I sent the application off. It turns out I sent my application form to the wrong flipping address!
As I am now sending it off at a later date I may not get my loans as soon as I start university for my second year, this is not good news. But fingers crossed It will only be delayed a week or so!

M x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Evacuate the Set!

Today was my first day on set for a feature film I'm working on for the next week or so (Last Train From Silver Street) the shoot went really well. My role is to film the making of, which so far I'm really enjoying, getting some nice shots together behind the scenes.

Little story from todays shooting though, there was a bit of drama.

One of the scenes were being set up at to be honest quite a rough area of north east London. During the scene everything was going well until, some youths started pulling up on there BMX's in the distance. There was only 3 of them. However one of them shouted out something to one of the actors. At first we thought nothing of it, although this was not the case. Moments later more and more youths started to turn up to the location on their bikes. By the end of this there was around 20+
The actor they were calling out to started to get a bit agitated so we decided to clear the area and move on. We split up the group, the actor who was getting called upon went ahead on first with the director. Me and the other crew members followed on. As we leave the area the youths approach us and start asking what we filming for? And who is in the film? (basically trying to make us say the name of the actor who was getting shouting at)
All the corruption was all quite funny, as they were all so young. A few of the youths actually had bandannas over their face, you could only see their eyes. Later the actor who had the trouble explains that in fact they were a gang and he has some trouble with them in the past.

All in all the situation was brushed off and laughed about later on in the day.

Nice bit of drama to start off the shooting schedule.
I'll let you know if a drive by shooting happens next or something.

M x

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Another one bites the dust!

Yesterday was my last day with the COI was quite a shame, because I had some really good days with that company. I loved seeing the state of the art equipment in the production companies over in Soho and that. Was amazing to see real professionals at work.

Next work experience on my last is a feature film, however this doesn't start until Wednesday, So i've got a few days off at least. But to be honest i've got used to the 9-5 already!
This film will be good as some of the shoots are late till the early hours of the morning, so that will be interesting experience.

Anyways i'll sign off and let you know how the film goes!

M x

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Music video progress.

Last night I had another meeting to discuss ideas for the music video I will be making over the summer.
It all went rather well, we have finally decided on a band to make the music video for (The Startover). This is due to a number of reasons; 1) Sally (who is making the video with me) is really good friends with the band, 2) they are quite popular band and have a good fan base following, and are making it higher in the music world, 3) so therefore it will be beneficial for us in giving ourselves good exposure as well as the band. Because were not making this video for a laugh, I plan to make more in the future.

Our next meeting will involve sitting down and having a chat with band and exchanging ideas, this will be very interesting as from what I hear from Sally the band are extremely enthusiastic about this video idea, which is exactly what I want from the band.

After the meeting last night I went to a pub round the corner (well at least 10 min walk...) to watch one of Sally's friends band. They were quite impressive and you can listen to them via Myspace. It was nice to be at a gig once again, because I can't remember the last time I went to a gig. Its been far to long!

That is all for now,

M x

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New work experience

So three days in on my latest work experience and its been fantastic! I've been working for but before you ask I am working in the Moving Image and Audio Content because the site doesn't really sell it self as a production company. But anyway!

The first three days has been amazing! Day 1 I got introduced to bloody everyone! Which is good as everyone knows I'm there and they keep asking me to do little things.
Yesterday was good I was asked from a producer to help her out on a latest advert to be made in the next few months. Which ended up with me sitting in on a creative meeting which was a great insight I was sat at a table with two creatives, the producer and the director for this advert in a nice swanky production company in Soho, I loved every minute of it, hearing all there creative ideas come together.

Then today was amazing also! I got to sit in on two sound edits for adverts. One was a cinema ad, so dolby sound was being used (surround sound) and a normal TV ad (standard stereo). Again this was all at a stylish post production company off Oxford Street. The equipment in there was fantastic!

Tomorrow I'm on a shoot for some interviews. My task is to look after the people who arrive for the shoot and other things, so that would be a nice challenge for me making small talk.

Anyway enough from me bragging about this great time I'm having,

M x

Saturday, 18 July 2009

One down, more to go!

Yesterday was my final day of work experience for the company Darlow Smithson it was quite mad when I realised how quickly the two weeks went. Only I kept thinking how I could of used the two weeks more valuable and make myself known in the company. They were very grateful for me being there though, telling me if I ever need help in the future or something they're there. Which is good news I guess, plus I got a £20 Waterstones voucher. I'm yet to decide what book to buy with that. Any suggestions?

Buts thats not it for my work experience, I start my next one straight away. I start on Monday (20th July) for 2 weeks with the Central Offices of Information, they work on them adverts like the ones about drink driving, speeding, smoking all the government based adverts. Hopefully with this one I can use the 2 weeks more wisely and get my name known around the office or something!

Friday, 17 July 2009

So last night I finally came round to uploading my new website (, it is still under construction has I need some nice cheesy photos of myself on the site.
But for the mean time could you be so kind to tell me what you think of the site, or any improvements I could make.

Do this through comments on this entry
Or, via e-mail

Thank you,

M x

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Today I finally got connected to my new house in Twickenham. Its quite surprising though how well i've coped without it, I was under impression I was going to go cold turkey or something. However I've been fine.

So now I will be updating my blog as regularly as possible start from NOW!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Small Update

Again, its been a while since my last entry. This is mainly because I have now officially moved into my new house over in Twickenham. Exciting stuff, however I haven't got internet just yet. Which I thought would be a nightmare, but I've surprising coped quite well. Therefore this blog entry is coming from 1st work placement in the summer break. I am on my last week of placement with Darlow Smithson Productions. Its been quite a good time, I'm a researcher for a Channel 4 documentary, so this of course will look excellent on m CV!

Bit of unfortunate news regarding my house though, one of my housemates has decided to change her chourse at uni. However this course is unavailable at our uni, so of course she is moving out. So me and my other two housemates are on the look out for someone to move in. Slightly annoying, but I guess we will just have to get on with it.
Some progress though, one housemate posted a "advert" regarding the situtation on a group on Facebook, and within a day a girl had replied to the post. She is having a viewing at the house on Thursday. So thats some good progress, but we just don't want to rush and find anyone to fill the gap.

Thats enough from me, hopefully I will become more regular with these entries once I get my internet up and running on the thursday!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Long time no blogging!


Well it has been sometime since I last put in a blog entry, so bare with me this may be quite a long one. On the other hand it could be quite interesting as I have a fair bit to write.

Firstly I have been down back in my home town for about a week now and already I'm bored out my skull as I'm still jobless so have no income, but yet still spending money, not good I suppose. I just miss all my friends back at uni. But we get the keys to our house on the 1st July! So will see them again soon! 2 days in fact. So its something for me to look forward to. Quite excited to move into the house as well.

Yesterday I had a good day however. I had a trip into London to a have a chat with a production on a feature film. They were more than willing for me to help them out with the production, so that is fantastic news, and I can't wait for the 10 day shoot to get underway on the 2nd August. I was quite surprised at one point during the chat though. They were generally chatting amongst themselves (the director, producer and think editor) they mentioned a "Making of" then all three of them turned to me and went "Hang on a minute, why don't you make it" So of course I jumped at the chance and said YES!
They are going to give me a simple Mini DV Camera for me capture behind scenes footage! Can't wait to be doing that, little bit of fun filming for me. Then to top it all they asked me what university I attend, and it turns out that both the Producer and the Editor graduated from my university! Such a small world. So it should be good on set chatting about stories about their 3 years at my uni.

Then! on Tuesday 7th July I have another interview for the possibility of an internship for a production company, I'm looking forward to this one, it would amazing if they accept me. I think I will wear the same shirt I wore to the film chat, kind of like a lucky shirt thing going on.

Now I think that gets you up to date with what I have been in up to. In fact I think I shall try and make my blog entries a weekly thing now, at the end of each week on a sunday evening I shall come on here and post what I got up during the week. Think thats a great idea.

So thanks for reading, and my next post will be the 5th July. Until then good bye!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

New possible placement

Today I was going about my non-productive days as usual, It consisted of me looking a job for the summer with no luck, sat in front the TV viewing dreadful daytime TV. My highlight was putting a few pictures up on the spare room for my old tit (mum)
Suddenly out of the blue that poor attempt at a highlight for a day had been taken over with this great one. I receive a unexpected from Darlow Smithson Productions, I e-mailed them the start of June for possibility of a work placement.  The kind lady at the other end of the phone had the great news to tell me she was calling me for that very reason! 
I may be excepted to help out with pre-production with the producer on a documentary for the Tsunami disaster back in 2004, which will be shown on Channel 4. Of course I was delighted and took up the offer straight away, the best part is they want me asap, which is great. Less time for me to sit down in front the tele watching daytime Tv, whilst trying to get a job in good old retail, or perhaps a warehouse. 

Exciting stuff! 

Monday, 15 June 2009

Projects for up coming months

During my time spent at College I developed a good friendship with a guy called Matthew Connell. we realised we worked so well together making productions. Unfortunately on completing College and applying to universities we both ended up our separate ways from getting acceptance from different Unis. We always said to each other we will work on productions together in the future. 
Which we have stuck by it. This summer we are both free as we've finished our first year at uni, which is prime opportunity for us to make some film work. We will do this under the name of Iconic Creations which is what we used in College so made perfect sense. This wont be anything big and too serious, just a way of showing what we can do with a camera and put our minds to something,  our first idea is to make a small documentary. 
Currently we have a Twitter page to promote ourselves a bit. Not much on there now, but its a start.

So for now, watch this space. I will keep you up to date with proceedings. 

Matthew x 

Saturday, 13 June 2009


So the time has arrived. I have finished my first year of Uni, which means I'm back home for the summer. To say the least I'm quite bored of the relaxed routine back here, compared to the busyness of London. I guess it would be nice to chill for the summer. 
But I'm on the look out for a Job as I start paying my months rent for my house on 1st July (SHIT!)
However on a good note I have secured some work experience during the summer. One is for 2 weeks in July for the Moving Image and Audio department in a company. The second is a 10 day shoot for a feature film. Which is all exciting stuff, all to look forward to. Which in my mind is more important that finding a typical shit job working in retail, but I guess I need the money! 

For everyone else who has finished Uni for the summer I hope you have a good summer, and I will post another blog when I have some exciting update in my life!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

My Summer Ball 7/10

Well I thought the night ended up being quite a good one.
Although a few small things were very good.
For instance, there was a really good fayre ground (mainly because the rides were free) but for some reason they decide the damn thing dead on 2am!
And the whole Summer Ball was planned to finish at 7am. So that was not good as there was no fun rides to go on! Under the marque there was a "casino" this was hilarious as, there was no money involved. They just handed us chips to play the games with, and because everyone was hammered by this point, you would see students just chucking there chips around with not a care in the world. While the dealer would try and play the games properly without any fuss. This was not possible!
Some reason they decided to be really cheeky and raise the prices on the drinks. And my friend tells me the next day she bought a round of 4 drinks which came to £20! which is bloody ridiculous for an SU.
And to put on top of all this, it was raining on and off which was not fun, although it did not matter too much, just would of been nicer without the rain!
My aim was to try and make it to the end of the night (well morning) at 7am. However the dance room was far too hot for my liking so I made a swift exit around 4, which I thought was resemble.

All in all a good night, but maybe better without the rides closing early, and stupid prices for drinks, and air con for a dancefloor!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Summer Ball?

Today I'm attending my Summer Ball, however this morning I open my curtains only to see it has been raining already! This is not good!

In other news, I have been contacted from a company who are filming a music video who have lost the studio they were originally going to film in. Now they've asked if they can use the studio at my uni. So fingers crossed they can!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The day has arrived

Today, I have finished university!
It is so strange, as it feels like only yesterday I started uni.
I now have to sort myself out, and hopefully get some work experience lined up for me in the summer break. Which will involve me send off about 100+ e-mails. Should be a fun way to celebrate completing my first year!

Other news I have sorted my house for next year at uni! Its very good!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Who cares?

I just recently got a T-shirt design accepted on
Now I would like all your kind people to rate the T-shirt design for me, as it would be cool to have my design to be accepted!

Score here

Thank you

Friday, 29 May 2009

The sun is shining and I'm indoors

Most of my friends at uni finished their first year yesterday by finishing there exams.
But oh no, not for me!
There all out on the field, while I'm sat in the library trying to do some revision.
Not cool! Plus I'm terrible at revising! Just wont go in!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sixth of Many (may stop that at some point...)

Finally have my laptop back and fixed, so that is good news.
Other good news is that I finish university on 2nd June!
I can't believe how quickly my first year as gone, its mad! I still remember my first day. I plan on sending off my CV to as many production companies as possible so I can get some work experience in the summer. So fingers crossed!

That is all

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Fifth of Many

Don't drop a macbook!
Its a stupid idea...
The other evening I had just finished an essay, and I click on save, all things fine. But oh no! I stand up from my chair, move to leave the room. Then crash! I drop my bloody macbook onto the floor, but not just a simple falling to the ground. Oh no. I manage to drop the macbook straight onto the corner where the Hard Drive lives. So as you may guess all my Data is gone! Including, three essays due in the next few weeks.
I get the laptop analysed at my local Apple Store, and well basically its fucked. But luckily I have to just buy a new Hard Drive and a casing due the case currently being mangled from the impact.
Now i'm in panic as I have to re do all these bloody essays which I have already done!

Anyway, send me some sympathy!


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Fourth of Many

Today has been such an unproductive day.
I wake up around 10am planning on working through the day to finish off some uni reports. But did this plan go ahead? Course not, I'm a typical student, I found more important things.
I realised I have become more addicted to twitter over facebook. I know you don't exactly do much on twitter, but the simplicity of the site is the main reason I like it. No stupid gimmicks of people sending you hugs, knowing a secret about you, or asking you to play poker with you!
It's back to basic, and straight to point. Simply chatting to one an other. A great wait for promoting yourself to practically everyone!
Which is perfect for me as it will be another place for me to promote my online portfolio of work. With the growing amount of followers of me makes it even more easier to give me more coverage for my site, currently I'm hitting over hundred!
Lets just hope this doesn't turn into an obession and I can't bring myself to not logging and "twittering"

Now to end my unproductive (or perhaps quite decent) day I'm sat infront the TV watching a Family Guy DVD, while "twittering" of course. Perfect!

Thanks for reading, and remember -


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Third of Many

I think this will be a short one, as I can't think much has happened to be lately that has been relatively interesting.
I've been having trouble with my personal website ( I have signed up to Adsense, and intend to advertise on there like I am currently doing on this Blog. However I am having trouble verifying my domain name with Adsense. So if anyone would have an suggestions, please contact me with some help.

The domain hosting site I signed up to is

Thanks, I will be interested with the help.


Thursday, 30 April 2009

Second of many!


For the last few weeks students have been campaigning around my university to be elected as the next Student Union president. It has been quite interested, seen ridiculous posters dotted around the uni, and people wearing t-shirts and so on.
Last night was the evening where all the nominated students would get up on stage and make their speeches to everyone else in the SU. Was quite a decent evening, however it started at around 6pm, so by the time it finished I had a few beers, so I was feeling it, thinking the time was around 10! but was only 7:30ish. Reminds me of a Lee Evans quote, if you know what I'm on about...
Basically was a decent evening, and I was expecting to know who I want to vote for at the end of the night, but however each candidate have their own good outlook on what they want to do if they're elected. So I am quite stuck on who to decide.
I better decide by tomorrow, as its ELECTION DAY! exciting stuff.

That is enough from me. As usual check my online portfolio for what I'm interested in!


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

First of many!

Okay this is my first blog on this site, so bare with me if its a bit ropey in places.

A fair bit has happened to me in the last few days. I shall start from my Monday (27th April) happenings... Regularly whenever I am free, I spend some time to e-mail production companies for some work experience, in particular I sent one to Endemol around 4/5 months ago enquiring about helping out with the new series of Big Brother in the summer. Sure enough yesterday morning out of the blue, I receive an e-mail from Endemol saying they are interested in taking me on for 2 weeks work placement for the new series of Big Brother.
Straight away I download the application form fill it out and send it straight back them. This would be such a good leap forward for me with my experience in the media, and fingers crossed they I will be accepted for a placement.

In the evening I make my 3rd appearance at a meet up networking meeting for independent film makers. Again I struggle a little to make the initial breaking ice with people and starting up a conversion. But once I start talking there was no stopping me. This time I came prepared with my own business cards, for people to keep in contact with me. I found this was very useful as I saw other people in the room with a notepad jotting down peoples details, so this was a lot faster and efficient method. However on the cards this website is not included as I ordered the batch of cards before I made this site, I need to quickly order a new batch with this website included before the next meeting.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy.
For the meantime